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Inspiration Rising is dedicated to inspiring women (and the men who support them) to rise up in your life, love, and leadership. We feature motivating interviews with female entrepreneurs, experts, and examples of success. Listen to at least two episodes, and we think you'll be hooked! Ready to rise?

Hosted by David Trotter - Business Growth Consultant. His latest book is "Empowered to Rise: The Secret to Embracing Your True Identity, Uncovering Your Super Powers, and Bringing Your Inspiration to the World" - available at 


How to Create a Magical Women’s Business Retreat - Angela Henderson
Show Details41min 18s
Expanding Your Maker Business from Ecommerce Retail to Wholesale - Christina Ellis
Show Details34min 19s
Painting Your Way to Your Purpose, Passion, and Super Power - Kristen Leigh
Show Details31min 30s
Playing With the Red Rubber Ball in the Game of Life - David Trotter
Show Details25min 55s
Choosing to Be Thankful in the Midst of Unmet Expectations - David Trotter
Show Details32min 5s
The Key to Unlocking Everything You Want in Your Life - David Trotter
Show Details32min 35s
Turning Your Home and Office into a Wealth Magnet with Feng Shui - Patricia Lohan
Show Details46min 51s
How To Make Your First $10K Month With 1:1 Client Services Even If You Have A Tiny Following - Ellen Yin
Show Details31min 35s
The Magical Power of Gratitude - David Trotter
Show Details23min 16s
Crossing Your Bridge to Fulfillment in Your Career - Blake Schofield
Show Details34min 7s
I Was The Only Person Who Stepped Out of Line to Help - David Trotter
Show Details32min 37s
Leveraging LinkedIn to Find Unlimited Prospects For Your Online Network Marketing Business - Gloria MacDonald
Show Details42min 48s
Creating Space for People to Show Up as Their Full Selves - David Trotter
Show Details45min 4s
Humanizing the Workplace and Creating Space for Diverse Team Members - Leigh Mitchell
Show Details46min 15s
Dropping the Mask and Embracing Yourself Again - David Trotter
Show Details21min 19s
Selling on Amazon Doesn't Need to Be Hard - Kristin Ostrander
Show Details39min 35s
SOULARISE7: Refresh Your Soul By Doing One Thing for Seven Days - David Trotter
Show Details16min 16s
Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time - Whitney Freya
Show Details47min 33s
You Must SHOW People These Three Things - David Trotter
Show Details19min 19s
Build a Business by Helping Women Find Community - Ali Meehan
Show Details40min 44s
Learn to Live Your Best Life Based on Your Birth Time and Place - Miranda Mitchell
Show Details44min 4s
From Job Loss to Government Assistance to $100k in a Year - Jess O'Connell
Show Details39min 14s
Why You Should Start Your Own Soul-Inspired Business - David Trotter
Show Details19min 2s
Be Seen as an Industry Leader With Attention-Getting PR - Victoria Kennedy
Show Details32min 44s
Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching Yourself to be on a Podcast - David Trotter
Show Details26min 37s
Using Your Learning Disability as a Superpower - Alex Gilbert
Show Details38min 8s
Experiencing Financial Empowerment as a Woman - Krisstina Wise
Show Details47min 17s
Who Should Become a Life Coach? - Adette Purto
Show Details46min 2s
My Transition as a Designer: From Commercial Interiors to Showit Website Templates - Jessica Gingrich
Show Details34min
How to Write Your Book in Only Two Months - Keira Poulsen
Show Details46min 5s
Empowering African Women to Launch Profitable Online Courses - Stephanie Obi
Show Details43min 36s
How a Farm, Fire, and Failure Led Me to Freedom - Annie Fonte
Show Details47min 2s
Saving Promise and Overcoming Generations of Domestic Violence - L.Y. Marlow
Show Details50min 26s
Making a Covid Pivot and Becoming a 5D Quantum Success Coach - Carlene Saelg
Show Details41min 2s
Getting Back Up After Getting Knocked Down - Tiffanee Cook
Show Details47min 28s
Leaving Corporate to Travel to Over 50 Countries as a Location-Independent Coach - Anna Knapik
Show Details52min 28s
Developing a Life Plan: Simple Strategies for a Meaningful Life - Shannah Kennedy
Show Details51min 17s
Discover How Collaboration Can Boost Your Business - Jessie Harris Bouton
Show Details46min 35s
Building Your Own Naptime Empire - Nikki Elledge Brown
Show Details50min 17s
Overcoming Kidney Cancer and Becoming International Coach of the Year - Erica Carrico
Show Details38min 58s
From Professional Dancer to Living on the Streets to Soul Aligned Coaching - Rae Irelan
Show Details42min 48s
Running a Successful Boutique Cake Studio While Raising Three Kids - Randi Smith
Show Details40min 6s
Launching a Handmade Business into a National Retail Chain - Maria Laurin
Show Details41min 54s
How Small Brands Can Connect with Up-and-Coming Influencers - Inbal Claudio
Show Details34min 31s
Sexless in the City: A Conversation on Gender, Sexuality, and Maybe Even the Big “M” Word - Kat Harris
Show Details53min 50s
7 Reasons You Need to Consider LinkedIn for Your 2021 Social Media Strategy - Andréa Jones
Show Details37min 48s
Get People to Like You in 15 Minutes or Less - Gizelle Riley
Show Details35min 21s
Experiencing Quantum Leaps Through Plant Medicine - Stephanie Bellinger
Show Details49min 38s
Embracing Your True Identity - David Trotter
Show Details1hr 1min
Burnout to Breakthrough - Erin Nicole Porter
Show Details39min 52s
The Absolute Importance of Telling Your Story as a Business Owner - Tiffany Largie
Show Details37min 12s
You Have the Power to Write the Next Season of Your Life - David Trotter
Show Details16min 32s
Mindset, Magic, and Manifestation - Mikayla Jai
Show Details37min 21s
How to Have It All as a Mompreneur Without Burning Out - Fabienne Fredrickson
Show Details40min 41s
Growing My Wedding Video Business to 600+ Weddings in Just 7 Years - Phoebe Rutaquio
Show Details32min 58s
8 Things I’ve Learned by the Age of 48 - David Trotter
Show Details35min 30s
How I Became One of the Highest Paid Freelancers in the Philippines - Demi Bernice
Show Details45min 29s
Becoming the SHEeo of Your Dreams - Maine Uy
Show Details38min 55s
How to Increase Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself - Jessica Zweig
Show Details42min 19s
Overcoming Depression to Achieve Your God-Given Dreams - Viviene Bigornia
Show Details36min 35s
24 Year Old CEO Launches Feminine Care Company During Pandemic - Nian Ellao
Show Details29min 46s
How to Easily Plan 31 Days of Social Media Content - David Trotter
Show Details20min 36s
Overcoming Overwhelm as a Small Business Owner - Melissa Koehler
Show Details23min 35s
I Need to Learn More Before I Get Started - David Trotter
Show Details14min 11s
Creating Meaningful Friendships in the Middle of a Pandemic - Seline Shenoy
Show Details30min 10s
How the Clubhouse App Can Help Grow Your Business - David Trotter
Show Details22min 16s
Getting Sober, Leaving Corporate, and Launching a Doughp Company Featured on Shark Tank - Kelsey Moreira
Show Details41min 23s
What Am I Putting Up With? - David Trotter
Show Details11min 51s
How to Unblock Your Chakras and Why That’s So Important - Amber-Lee Lyons
Show Details33min 36s
Celebrating the Good and Learning From the Challenges of 2020 - David Trotter
Show Details19min 10s
Asking My Body Why I Want a Rolex - Lana Shlafer
Show Details56min 33s
Navigating Life as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur - Damona Hoffman
Show Details41min 29s
Your Subconscious Is The Key to Your Success - Juliet Obodo
Show Details39min 24s
Mom of 3 Launches Magic Skin Nutrients Safe for the Entire Family - Sabrina Andren
Show Details32min 18s
Overcoming Misconceptions of Buying Your First Home and Investing in Real Estate - Kristina Modares & Steph Douglass
Show Details43min 31s
How Should Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Be Part of Your Business? - Erica Courdae
Show Details43min 13s
Starting a Candle Business After Hitting Rock Bottom as a Single Mom of Four - Shonte James
Show Details26min 40s
How to Choose Happiness Every Single Day - Kelsey Aida
Show Details36min 47s
How to Build a Bold Brand and Scale Your Business - Suz Chadwick
Show Details44min 51s
Are You Perceived (and Misunderstood) as an Angry Woman? - Leslie Lyons
Show Details39min 44s
Starting Your Own Lucrative Business as a Virtual Assistant - Kathy Goughenour
Show Details39min 10s
Don’t Let Anxiety Keep Holding You Back - Heather Rider
Show Details39min 9s
What It Takes to Make It In the Toy Industry – Azhelle Wade
Show Details39min 55s
The Key to Overcoming a COVID Crisis (or Slump) in Your Business – David Trotter & Michelle Dickinson
Show Details38min 9s
How Your Business Can Flourish and Thrive Through the Power of Creativity – Tracy Matthews
Show Details43min 15s
How Your Self-Worth Impacts Your Ability To Generate Wealth – Renee Reese
Show Details39min 54s
Five Tax and Bookkeeping Headaches to Avoid During the Pandemic – Liz Cruz
Show Details25min 45s
Three Ways to Radically Increase Your Energy Without Overdosing on Coffee - Dr. Bita Yadidi
Show Details1hr 1min
How I Created a Powerful Online Platform for Coaches to Reach New Business Clients - Katje Kempe
Show Details34min 50s
7 Quick Tips to Help You Get More Done Every Day - David Trotter
Show Details17min 39s
From Dream to Reality: How I Started a Sustainable Women’s Clothing Brand - Desiree Buchanan
Show Details39min 27s
Why Being a “Work In Progress” Is a Good Thing - David Trotter
Show Details13min 21s
From World-Class Race Car Driver to Millionaire Mompreneur - Jessie Harris Bouton
Show Details42min 17s
How You and Your Business Can Stand Out from the Crowd - David Trotter
Show Details20min 41s
Using TikTok to Grow Your Business - Keenya Kelly
Show Details41min 28s
3 Reasons Why I’m Passionate About Supporting Women - David Trotter
Show Details19min 50s
5 Ways To Be More Mindful Working From Home – Tarin Calmeyer
Show Details40min 52s
How #75Hard Changed Our Lives - David and Laura Trotter
Show Details51min 43s
Making Mid-Life Magic Instead of Having a Mid-Life Crisis - Hilary DeCesare
Show Details44min 50s
Healing Your Relationship With Food and Your Body - Sarah Anne Stewart
Show Details45min 56s
Name Your Wins and Stop Meandering Through Your Life, Career, and Business
Show Details22min 56s
Why Love is Viral and How It Can Change You and Your World - Jeanette Schneider
Show Details37min 44s
Accomplish So Much More by Making Up Your Mind - David Trotter
Show Details15min 52s
How to Cross the Bridge to Experience Gratitude and Self-Love - Sue Lundquist
Show Details42min 47s
Honoring Your Past to Pave Your Future - Emily K. Thomas
Show Details47min 30s
What You Can Learn From Your Akashic Records - Jennifer Longmore
Show Details45min 49s
Raising Kids to Be Strong, Protect the Weak, and Love Everyone - Kristi Hayes
Show Details34min 15s
How to Manage Our Emotions During Stress and Conflict - David Trotter
Show Details21min 37s
Harmonizing Your Life Through the Power of Healing Music - Mark Romero
Show Details50min 14s
How to Say No so You Can Say Yes to What You Really Want in Life - David Trotter
Show Details29min 2s
Rage Against the Minivan: Learning to Parent Without Perfection - Kristen Howerton
Show Details51min 46s
If or Because: Which Word Is Driving Your Life? - David Trotter
Show Details22min 55s
Are You Hitting Rock Middle In Life? - Sallie Holder
Show Details41min 32s
What's Holding You Back? - David Trotter
Show Details26min 35s
How to Become an Inspired Mommy Boss - Tiana Smith
Show Details41min 35s
Grit Is Your Secret Super Power - David Trotter
Show Details26min 55s
Living An Anything But Average Life - Lindsey Mango
Show Details36min 34s
Do You Believe You Are Enough? - David Trotter
Show Details1hr 9min
Managing My Mental Health to Cultivate Fulfillment in Life - Scout Sobel
Show Details37min 32s
How to Get High Naturally With a Higher Dose of Infrared Light - Katie Kaps
Show Details36min 25s
Choosing Home Healthcare for You or Your Family Member - Merrily Orsini
Show Details43min 6s
Reclaiming Myself After a 25-Year Marriage to an Alcoholic - Traci Connell
Show Details27min 33s
The Other Side of Bipolar - Lauren Polly
Show Details33min 13s
Is Now the Time to Start a New Business? - Kristen Boss
Show Details29min 6s
Building a Community of Women with Integrity - Stephanie Courtillier
Show Details38min 37s
Conquering Chaos as a CEO and Mom of Six Kids - Erin E. Hooley
Show Details43min 59s
How HeartMath Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety - Chris Patton
Show Details38min 7s
You Are Not Alone In Feeling This Way - Morgan Harper Nichols
Show Details18min 54s
Opting Out of the Cultural Norms of Parenting - Lori Beth Auldridge
Show Details46min 7s
How Will This Experience Serve Me? - Kate Crocco
Show Details13min 3s
Choosing Our Thoughts & Words Carefully During This Time - Amy Pamensky
Show Details37min 12s
The Power of Positivity (Even During a Pandemic) - Bernadette Logue
Show Details48min 58s
Creating Harmony in Your Home During the Coronavirus - Allie Casazza
Show Details35min
Do Moms Need to Choose Between Career and Family? - Colleen Hauk
Show Details41min 49s
Overcoming Shame and Increasing Your Confidence - Elle Russ
Show Details51min 58s
How to Own and Love the F-Word - Genecia Alluora
Show Details42min 2s
Thinking Like a Boss by Overcoming the Lies - Kate Crocco
Show Details46min 24s
I Have Something to Learn From Everyone - David Trotter
Show Details17min 59s
Own Your Story and Tell It Like It Is - Ashley Abercrombie
Show Details42min 43s
Empowered to Rise - I Wrote This Book Just for You - David Trotter
Show Details17min 13s
Master Organizer of Mayhem Helps You Bring Order Out of Chaos - Kristi Clover
Show Details44min 51s
From Junk Food Lover to Real Food Evangelist - Maria Marlowe
Show Details44min 5s
The Role of a Modern Day Priestess and How to Become One - Julie Parker
Show Details1hr 5min
Hiking My Feelings to Overcome Trauma - Sydney Williams
Show Details49min 25s
Judginess Works Until It Doesn't - Stacey Robbins
Show Details36min 14s
How to Turn a Divorce Setback into an Epic Comeback - Nikki Bruno
Show Details43min 18s
How the Launch Your Life Coaching Program Changed My Life - Amber, Tyler, Rhonda
Show Details21min 30s
Look Back So You Can Look Forward - David Trotter
Show Details18min 55s
How to Solve Your Personal Energy Crisis - Mary Brooks
Show Details50min 42s
Turning Life's Breakdowns into Breakthroughs - Sarah Small
Show Details54min 7s
How to Say "No" and Establish Healthy Boundaries - Amy E. Smith
Show Details40min 45s
Managing Stress During the Holidays (and All Year Round) - Karen Martel
Show Details47min 4s
Adoption Through The Eyes of a Birthmother - Hope O. Baker
Show Details58min 22s
Please Don't Send Me Miscarriage Flowers - Kelsey Murphy
Show Details58min 29s
Clear Your Head With the French Art of Flaneuring - Erika Owen
Show Details28min 45s
How to Get a 2020 Vision for Your Life - David Trotter
Show Details18min 24s
First Victoria's Secret Plus Size Model Speaks Out on Shame and Cancel Culture - Ali Tate Cutler
Show Details53min 5s
Finding Happiness in an Everyday Bucket List - Karen Cordaway
Show Details28min 35s
3 Revolutionary Ways to Love Your Child No Matter Their Age - Laura Trotter
Show Details45min 44s
If You Don't Like Something, Change It! - David Trotter
Show Details17min 55s
How to Handle Failure and Embrace Your Awesomeness - Neil Pasricha
Show Details58min 5s
How I Opened a Pure Barre Studio at 21 Years Old - Jenna Irvin
Show Details31min 46s
How a Certified Educational Planner Can Give Your Student a Collegiate Edge  -  Stephanie Meade
Show Details40min 10s
From the Israeli Defense Forces to the Queen of Detoxing  -  Adi Arezzini
Show Details36min 21s
Finding Sweetness in the Broken Places of Life  -  Robin Sol Lieberman
Show Details43min 49s
It's Never Too Late to Change Direction  -  Camille Laurente
Show Details40min 23s
Four Challenges Holding Women Back in Business (and Life) - Dr. Cortney Baker
Show Details31min 18s
An Unconventional Life: Turning Your Dreams Into Realities  -  Stacey Robbins
Show Details23min 46s
Beyond the Boobs: From Silicone Suffering to Sovereignty & Self Love - Diane Kazer
Show Details21min 54s
Raising 7 Kids While Fighting Violent Extremism - Kim DeAllen
Show Details23min 48s
How I Became a Flower Farmer in Oregon - Jacqui Kennemer
Show Details48min 1s
Balance Your Health, Master Your Life - Dr. Bita Yadidi
Show Details24min 32s
Self-Care Through Daily Creativity - Andrea Luna Reece
Show Details22min 16s
Bouncing Back When You Feel Deflated by Life - Anne Grady
Show Details38min 22s
Embracing Your Superpowers as an Introvert - Chelsey Brooke
Show Details29min 31s
7 Common Struggles Women Are Facing Today - Laura & David Trotter
Show Details21min 50s
Overcoming Childhood Trauma to Live Fearlessly - Rhonda Britten (Part 2)
Show Details23min 32s
How to Gain Life Skills to Live Fearlessly - Rhonda Britten (Part 1)
Show Details29min 15s
3 Ways People-Pleasing Causes You to Miss Out on Life - David Trotter
Show Details19min 1s
The Power of Mentors and What They've Taught Me - Kelsey Chapman
Show Details41min 9s
Making It Through The Messy Middle - David Trotter
Show Details14min 45s
How to Transform Your Autoimmune Disease Naturally - Dr. Maggie Yu
Show Details37min 57s
It's Never Too Late to Start! - David Trotter
Show Details20min 48s
Master Your Feminine Energy to Cultivate the Relationship You Long For - Anita Stoudmire
Show Details38min
Without a Goal, You're Going Nowhere Fast! - David Trotter
Show Details18min 2s
How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t - Andrea Owen
Show Details43min 34s
Now Is The Time: What Are You Waiting For? - David Trotter
Show Details14min 56s
My Spiritual Rebirth Through Yogic Philosophy - Adi Shakti
Show Details36min 18s
How I Built My International Beauty Brand - Manna Kadar
Show Details43min 53s
How Resilience Helped Me Survive Breast Cancer - Kate Snowise
Show Details40min 12s
Cold Brew Coffee Changed My Life - Rachel Dillon (Cold Brew Chick)
Show Details50min 15s
How Silence Helped Heal My Severely Injured Wrist - Dr. Bita Yadidi
Show Details48min 43s
Discover a Radically Positive Way to Divorce - Gabrielle Hartley, Esq.
Show Details39min 2s
Three Life-Changing Strategies to Experience Brilliant Balance - Cherylanne Skolnicki
Show Details38min
How FemCity Has Grown to 100+ Locations - Violette de Ayala
Show Details35min 5s
Someone Stole $2300 From My Family - David Trotter
Show Details21min 17s
How to Talk to Your Parents About Their Finances - Cameron Huddleston
Show Details45min 21s
Quit Dieting and Make Peace With Your Food - Julie Duffy Dillon, RD
Show Details47min 41s
Answering the Questions of an Essential Oils Skeptic - Lindsey Elmore
Show Details52min 30s
How to Re-enter the Workforce After Staying at Home - Brianna Rooney
Show Details39min 10s
My Boobs Are Killing Me! - Diane Kazer
Show Details50min 23s
Don't Wait to Do Great Things - Mike Sherbakov
Show Details35min 36s
What Do You Need to Quit? - David Trotter
Show Details10min 39s
Your Words Are Shaping Your Life, Family, and Work - Michelle Coops
Show Details41min 52s
My Journey to Self-Acceptance as an SSBBW - Bex Bedford
Show Details45min 3s
Reclaiming Myself After Growing Up With a Bipolar Parent - Michelle Dickinson
Show Details30min 13s
What Type of Relationships Do You Want? - David Trotter
Show Details12min 11s
Why You Should Be Obsessing Over Your Strengths - Lisa Cummings
Show Details49min 54s
Eight Steps to Bring Passion Back - Terri Cole (Part 2)
Show Details27min 42s
Are You Having Less Sex? - Terri Cole (Part 1)
Show Details28min 19s
Experiencing Love Through a Guided Meditation - David Trotter
Show Details9min 42s
Blazing It Forward In Honor of Her Slain Son - Jeanne Pepper Bernstein
Show Details40min 11s
Why Every Woman Should Be Dating Herself - Dr. Shannon Gulbranson
Show Details45min 18s
Overcoming an Abusive Relationship by Cultivating the Lovely - MacKenzie Koppa
Show Details39min 31s
Money Saving Mom Cuts Your Grocery Bill - Crystal Paine
Show Details27min 17s
Professional Dancer Is Boundless Despite Paralysis - Maria Rabaino
Show Details29min 1s
Become a Successful Social Media Manager - Rachel Pedersen
Show Details32min 12s
Cultivate Your Happiness by Living Your Purpose - Carin Rockind
Show Details47min 24s
How to Make New Friends As An Adult - Bailey T. Hurley
Show Details39min 53s
Wearing a Dress Is Helping to End Human Trafficking - Blythe Hill
Show Details1hr 4min
Live a Minimalish Lifestyle (Even With Kids) - Desirae Endres
Show Details53min 27s
Two Ways to Increase Your Daily Happiness - David Trotter
Show Details8min 33s
Navigating Your Career With the Power of Give & Take - Sara Wilson
Show Details50min 20s
How Musical Theatre Can Transform Your Child's Life - Damien Lorton
Show Details41min 48s
What It Takes to Jumpstart Your Own Business - Hilary Johnson
Show Details45min 7s
Are You Satisfied With Your Life? - David Trotter
Show Details9min 50s
Get Your Pretty On With a Capsule Wardrobe - Alison Lumbatis
Show Details42min 3s
Persevering in the Face of Extreme Obstacles - Spencer Hurtt
Show Details43min 44s
Supporting the Children of Fallen Law Enforcement Officers - Megan O'Grady of Blue Line Bears
Show Details23min 53s
Daughter Inspires First Ronald McDonald House - Fred Hill
Show Details58min 11s
How to Get Organized When Your Home (and Life) Feel Chaotic - Lindsay Eidahl
Show Details42min 29s
How to Handle Stress Like a Boss (Babe)
Show Details13min 42s
Turning Your Setback Into A Comeback - Tim Storey
Show Details43min
The Power of Risk Taking - Stacey Robbins
Show Details1hr 1min
How Resilience Has Sustained Me for 20+ Years as a Morning News Anchor - Deirdre Fitzpatrick
Show Details40min 3s