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Messages from The Assembly Florence

Messages from The Assembly is a compilation of Messages from The Assembly in Florence, SC. Please visit our website at


Diary of a Favored Woman ~ 5.8.2022 ~ Pastor Andrew Ross
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It's time for a second touch ~ Rev. Burton Andrew Ross ~ 5/1/2022
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4.10.2022 ~ Not Just Anything: Rev. Burton Andrew Ross
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3/20/2022 ~ Rev. Burton Andrew Ross
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4.2.2022 ~ I'm Getting Back to His Image
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3.12.2022 ~ I'm Owning My Declaration
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3.6.2022 What do we do when God's purpose and our sincere desire don't line up?
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1.30.2022 Rev. Lacie Jones.
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1.09.2022 ~ I've Got Manna Pt. 2
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1.02.2022 ~ Ally Kgosana
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12.12.2021 ~ Release and Recovery Pt. 2
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12.5.2021 ~ Restoration and Recovery
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Undisputed ~ 11/28/2021
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The Anatomy of An Attack `~ Rev. Darnell Williams - 10.31.2021
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11.7.2021 ~ I'm Changing with My Season.
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This Season has Breakthrough in it ~ 10/10/2021
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10.3.2021 ~ Ron Denham Farewell message
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What to do when you are lost in the flow ~ 8/29/2021
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This is My Hatching Season Pt. 6 ~ 8.15.2021
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This is My Hatching Season Pt. 4 ~ 8.8.2021
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This is my Hatching Season pt. 3
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7.18.2021 ~ This is Your Hatching season
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7/11/2021 ~ What do we do when God's purpose and our sincere desire don't line up?
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Glory has a Price Pt. 2 ~ 6.6.2021
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Glory Has a Price ~ 5.30.2021
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Oneness With God Part 1 ~ 5.16.2021
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You've Come Too Far To Look Back ~ 5/9/2021
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Really Like Jesus? Minister Paul Ross ~ 5.2.2021
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A way out of Addiction ~ 4.25.2021
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Lessons From Jericho ~ 4.18.2021
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4.4.2021 Celebrating The Scars
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3.28.2021 Rev. Ed Nelson
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3.21.2021 P. Ron Denham
Show Details27min 10s
3.14.2021 For his Name's Sake
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2.21.2021: Defend Your Portion Pt. 3
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2.14.2021: Defend your portion Pt. 2
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2.7.2021: Defend your Portion pt. 1
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1.17.2021: Living in The Glory. Pastor Burton Andrew Ross.
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12.13.2020 Wise men Still Seek Him.
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11.22.2020 ~ I'm Thankful
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10.11.2020 Operation Fueled By Faith
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10/4/2020 Jesus! God of My Panics & Pandemics Pt. 2
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9.27.2020 Jesus God of my Panics & Pandemic
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9.20.2020 Burton Andrew Ross "How Ready are you?"
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9.13.2020 Ed Nelson
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6/24/2020 The Assembly Mid-Week: Warfare Ready Pt. 1.
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7/1/2020 The Assembly Mid Week: Warfare Ready: Pt. 2
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6/14/2020 Where are the Vigilant?
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6/7/2020 My Praise Will Pilot Me
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Be Hungry Bible Study 6/3/2020
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5/31/2020 Be Hungry!
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5/10/2020 You Were Built for This Mother, So Endure!
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Sunday 5/3/2020-Don’t Let This Famine, Wreck Your Faith
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4/26/2020 Executive Pastor Ron Denham
Show Details41min 38s
4/19/2020 I'm Gonna See A Victory Cause God's Got Me
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4/15/2020 The Assembly Mid Week - Genesis 5 - Walking with God
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4/12/2020-Easter 2020-Turning Tragedy into Triumph
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Positioning for Purpose (03.08.2020)
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03.01.2020 Ally KGosana
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2/23/2020 P. Ron Denham
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How to Topple The Walls of Your Jericho
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1/26/2020 P. Ron Denham Hebrews 12:14-17
Show Details58min 52s
1/12/2020 P Ron Denham
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Show Details41min 57s
12-8-19 The Meaning of True Unity
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12.1.19 1 Samuel 18:5-16
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11/24/19 P. Ron Denham
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Dear Lord! I’m Your sheep, Help me with my Goat behavior.
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1 Samuel 17:35-53 ~ P. Ron Denham
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Is There Not A Cause
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When the Church Climbs out of a Hole The Enemy Panics
Show Details1hr 5min
Blinded By our Faults
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My Faith Is Set
Show Details33min 20s
Missionary Update from Kevin and Elaine Ross
Show Details10min 15s
2 Timothy 4:7
Show Details25min 30s
Communion With God
Show Details41min 4s
Satan! You Won't Steal My Worship! Pt. 2
Show Details48min 37s
Satan! You Won't Steal My Worship!
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Revelation 3:10~P. Ron Denham
Show Details39min 4s
Revelation 3:16-19. P. Ron Denham
Show Details49min 6s
The Great Beyond-Missionary Dale Eytzen
Show Details12min 30s
Road Blocks Will Always Be There...So What?
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I Have Access
Show Details50min 14s
Ressurection Live Beyond the Cross 4/21/19
Show Details59min 33s
P. Ron Denham 6/30/19
Show Details53min 54s
The 7 Profound Benefits of Waiting in Worship.
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