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The REP: Rugby's Economic Podcast is the show that looks at how money, power and politics impact the game that we all love so much. Shining a floodlight on the challenges rugby faces as a global sport and offers suggestions on how they may be tackled. Join aspiring alickadoo, Felix McCabe, as he explores the goings-on off the pitch that dictate so much what happens on it. This is The REP. 


Commercial Lions
Show Details17min 58s
Entertaining Laws
Show Details22min 6s
CVC & Private Equity
Show Details24min 18s
Dreams of a Global Season
Show Details18min 52s
Financing the Global Game
Show Details20min 40s
The Rouse of Amateurism
Show Details16min 21s
Empire, The Global Game
Show Details13min 42s
A Game is Born
Show Details12min
Promo: The REP
Show Details2min 1s