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Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Fruits of the Holy Spirit is the study of life from the regular sessions conducted by the Fruits of the Holy Spirit members. It is a study of life from the direct spiritual communication of the medium instrument in order to receive the pure evolved response from the Holy Spirit (St Luke, and other holy protectors), as well as clean and pure discussions of members on useful topics about life. We are delighted to share to the world the teachings of the Holy Spirit as we have spiritually grown and have evolved in this life time.


#7- Guidance and advices of St Luke at this time
Show Details3hr 41min
#6- Q&A: Healing/ Vision. Understanding & Enhancement of Spiritual Gifts
Show Details2hr 27min
#5- Which 3 things will you let go or change and which 3 positive attributes will you adapt?
Show Details3hr 44min
#4- What is true religion, antiChrist, God's words in various forms.
Show Details4hr 24min
#3- Know your Light- discover Road Map to the Light!
Show Details4hr 24min
#2-Understanding the Law of Nature, Sickness, low lying spirits and Spiritual gifts, and more!
Show Details4hr 40min
#1- Q&A Spiritual Focus Study on Energy
Show Details2hr 40min