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Career, business, leadership, industry, new products and the challenges faced by women in the world of technology are some of the topics discussed and debated in Avenue Code's podcasts.


Team management and the IT universe in Portugal, with Tiago Cachim | Technology & Innovation
Show Details30min 54s
How to motivate teams, with Thene Sheehy | Inspire & Be Inspired
Show Details28min 50s
The Role of the Retrospective in Scrum, with Cris Kaal | Technology & Innovation
Show Details16min 5s
Extraordinary Women In Tech #EP05 - Shakila Pothini | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details14min 17s
Extraordinary Women In Tech #EP04 - Bhavini Soneji | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details12min 54s
Extraordinary Women In Tech #EP03 - Trudy Tran Caswell | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details12min 51s
Extraordinary Women In Tech #EP02 - Renee Dineen | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details12min 35s
Extraordinary Women In Tech #EP01 - Nicole Young | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details9min 44s
Spotlight Series #EP04 - Danny Farias | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details18min 38s
AC Talks #EP01 - Zeo Solomon | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details16min 21s
Spotlight Series #EP03 - Nicole Brown | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details27min 44s
Spotlight Series #EP02 - Zeo Solomon | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details15min 8s
Spotlight Series #EP01 - Kerry Joel | Avenue Code Podcast
Show Details12min 15s
Extraordinary Women In Tech: The afterlife
Show Details49min 55s
Como a estratégia em nuvem pode te salvar em tempos incertos (Estabilidade & Redução de Custos)
Show Details58min 11s
Fast-forward Post COVID-19
Show Details49min 45s
Extraordinary Women - Balancing Act During Uncertain Times
Show Details53min 48s