SPECIAL EPISODE - Dice Tower Theatre presents: OMEN Podcast

Season 4 | Episode 40
41m | Aug 21, 2022

Hello Adventurers!  In this "Dice Tower Theatre presents" series we will be introducing some fellow shows that we believe some of you may find enjoyable while we get ready for Season 5 next year!  Stay tuned and remember the oath!


Can three unlikely heroes keep from arguing long enough to thwart a diabolical conspiracy? From the producers of Girl in Space comes Omen, a fantasy audio drama that explores ancient ruins, sails the high seas, and questions whether friendship truly is magic--all while cracking pirate skulls and dabbling in high explosives! The adventure begins at OMENCAST.COM or wherever your favorite podcasts can be found.  


Girl in Space:

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Dice Tower Theatre presents: Dawn of Dragons - an Audio Adventure