S4E9 - Thorn of the Rose

Season 4 | Episode 10
40m | Jul 18, 2022

In this conclusion we join Keldor as he prepares to take to the battlefield yet one more time to defend Garnet Keep with his friends. Here they will face the enemy both living and dead, shrouded in dark armor and even those that still cloud their hearts.



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JD Rose

Brian Dowling

Corey Pfautsch

Daniel Nichols

Hayley Muñoz

Joleen Fresquez

Stormy Cone

Rori Christenson

John O'Dell

Michael Schofield


Appearing in this episode:

DABRIA: JD Rose NIGHTBLADE: Daphne Bichler SOPHIE: Sarah Jenkins ARYAT: Daniel Nichols CHALKOS: Scott C Brown ELLOVEVE: Jessica Atchley CORDELIA/MIDNIGHT and SQUIRE TULLY: Joleen Fresquez YMIR: Harlan Guthrie DEMITRI:Phillip Usher DARK ONE:Melinda Barkhouse-Ross EREBUS: Jesse Jerdak KELDOR THE NARRATOR: Mike Atchley


Produced and Directed by Mike Atchley

Recording Assistant Joleen Fresquez

Assistant Directors Corey Pfautsch and Brian Dowling

Script Editor Susan Thomas

Original Music and Sound design by Mike Atchley.

Song: "Ignite" by Becky Atchley

"Dawn of Dragons" Theme by Daniel Nichols Monster Footsteps by JV Torres All these and others used by permission.

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