• The Stuff

    Corporations are scrambling to find out what the ingredients of The Stuff are. It’s so good! Have some Stuff! You know you want to! Hell, people are eating it from the ground! To find the truth of it all, we have a real crack crew investigating it. David ‘Mo’ Rutherford (Michael Moriarty) is hired as a corporate spy. He somehow has unlimited funds and immediately hires and dates Nicole (Andrea Marcovicci). They pick up Jason (Scott Bloom) to make poor decisions. And, we have ‘Chocolate Chip’ Charlie (Garrett Morris) on a mission to get his money back. Get ready for a “goo” drinking game. The mention of “goo” is good for a sip – don’t be a heavy pour here. RTS goes “bonkers” in a grocery store to get away from Stuff consumption. La-Mar, Jeremy and Collin get goo-tastic with this goo-riffic film! The horror! The loss! The intrigue? Double your drinks/sips when someone randomly gets punched in the face! “Everyone has to eat some shaving cream once in a while.”

    1h 38m | Sep 22, 2023
  • Dead Man's Curve

    There is a familiar story here. Two affluent college students, Tim (Matthew Lillard) and Chris (Michael Vartan), kill their roommate, Rand (Randall Batinkoff), and make it look like a suicide. The plan is to then accept the school’s policy of giving students who have a deceased roommate all A’s for the semester. Things quickly start to unravel amongst the friends, Emma (Keri Russell) becomes more involved in this crime and things might not be exactly as they seem. RTS love Matthew Lillard – it’s his three-peat! We learn a lot while hanging out at that lighthouse with these students. Jeremy and Collin help to unravel this mystery and to smoke some random cigars everywhere that is inconvenient for everyone else. Join us for this second part of our back to school special. School or die! Don’t forget to pack a suitcase when you jump into the water. And, always carry some nunchucks!

    1h 31m | Sep 15, 2023
  • Dead Man on Campus

    When Josh (Tom Everett Scott) isn’t drumming for the Oneders, he’s trying to go to school for a medical degree in the 90s. His roommate, Cooper (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), is trying to go to school for parties and nonstop fun. The problem is that Cooper is likeable, and he sucks Josh into his never-ending merriment. Now, both face the realities of failing the semester. Josh will lose his scholarship. Cooper will lose his dad’s tuition payments. They learn that there is a school policy that states if anyone’s roommate dies, surviving students will receive all A’s. Now, this duo is in search of their future roommate, “Mr. Z.” They’re betting on the worst for them to score the best. RTS will meet an array of interesting characters. Collin, La-Mar and Jeremy discuss their amazing attendance records and these improbable situations. Join us for part one of two in this back to school special. School or die! Buckley (Randy Pearlstein) forever!

    1h 17m | Sep 8, 2023
  • The Hard Way

    John Moss (James Woods) is the stereotypical cop you know from any drama series. He’s foul-mouthed. He is divorced and trying to make a new relationship work. His job consumes him. He’s hunting down a serial killer in New York. And, his life gets even more complicated when an eager but oblivious to the real world actor, Nick Lang (Michael J. Fox), shows up to shadow him for a possible upcoming role. Between these two polar opposites running around and Party Crasher (Stephen Lang) shooting everything up, New York might be in trouble! RTS have a lot of fun with this buddy action comedy, getting to see LL Cool J and enjoying some “frog dogs.” We even get to see Greendale Community College alum, Luis Guzmán. La-Mar, Jeremy and the Captain get new merch jackets and hats. Sarah makes her Rabbit Troop Sucks debut to make sure this all plays out by the books. And, in the end, you will only get one take at this. 

    1h 37m | Sep 1, 2023
  • Volunteers

    Recent 1962 Yale graduate Lawrence Bourne III (Tom Hanks) is an “Ivy League schlemiel.” After racking up an outrageous gambling debt and failing to get daddy’s help to pay it off, in an attempt to flee all his responsibilities, he quickly trades places with his buddy Kent who is working for the Peace Corps and heading to Thailand. Once there, and forced to stay, Lawrence might change his ways – or at least adapt them. It’s not all bad! There’s a budding romance with Beth (Rita Wilson). At Toon (Gedde Watanabe) is a true friend and fun to hang with. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma (John Candy) has specialized training and a mind like a steel trap. And, we get to meet John (Tim Thomerson) and “Mike.” A different kind of Mike. Play it cool with RTS when the red army and the local crime syndicate need access to a bridge. Collin examines this film like a real hot rod. And, if anyone is having romantic troubles, just remember, “she’s no good for you, big guy.” 

    1h 17m | Aug 25, 2023
  • Without a Paddle

    The loss of a close friend and the funeral that follows reunites Jerry (Matthew Lillard), Dan (Seth Green) and Tom (Dax Shepard). To honor their friend and fulfill their childhood dreams, they decide to track down D.B. Cooper’s hijacked cash. Secret money? Treasure? Goonies-esque adventures? Make sure to hit up RTS if you have any hot leads on where such loot is located. To grow and conquer what the world is dishing out, these friends will experience it all along the way. Losing all the food and supplies, running from crazed pot farmers, a mommy bear who just wants to love, Flower and Butterfly! Oh my! La-Mar, Collin and Jeremy are all in for this fortune-seeking adventure. Together, we learn that sometimes the real treasure has been inside all of us all along. But, you know that’s BS and you want that cold hard cash! 

    1h 41m | Aug 18, 2023
  • The To Do List

    Sex! Sex! Sex! It’s 1993 and Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) just graduated high school as valedictorian. As you have guessed, the public education system has left some things out – and that includes anything about sex education. Now, determined to become sexually experienced before college starts, this academic go-getter gives herself some summer homework – with some guidance from her friends and her sister, Amber (Rachel Bilson). During the day she works at the local pool for Willy (Bill Hader), and during the night Brandy juggles dates with Cameron (Johnny Simmons) and others while checking off a list in an attempt to achieve the final goal with Rusty Waters (Scott Porter). RTS are hanging at the pool this summer, and so should you! La-Mar and Nemo discuss this sex positive summer romp over Otter Pops, a SNES and a fun 90s soundtrack. When are we all going to Water World?

    1h 30m | Aug 11, 2023
  • Judgement Night

    Attending a friends night out for a boxing match? Fun! Taking a wrong turn to beat traffic? Questionable. Witnessing a murder and being chased by Denis Leary, House of Pain and others? Now, this night just got bizarre and exciting! This is exactly what happens to four friends (including Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Stephen Dorff). They will take you on a wild ride that includes destinations such as totally abandoned city blocks, train yards, sewer systems (sorry, no Ninja Turtles!), street after street and some kind of flea market/multilevel strip mall. Note: as we keep score of the team body count, RTS have a group bigger than any of these. And, we have our own Jeremy – a better Jeremy! We are also joined by La-Mar and Collin while we all try to flee the city in the strangest ways. The soundtrack is incredible! A special shoutout to Peter Greene who plays Sykes. You are amazing! 

    1h 44m | Aug 4, 2023
  • Get Smart

    When the world is threatened with KAOS, it’s good to have Control. Too bad the rest of the government believes otherwise. After the destruction of the head office, Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) gets promoted to his dream job of becoming a field agent. He’s no dummy, but he sure can use some help. Luckily, Max's partner, Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), has a sleek, tough wardrobe to back her spy skills and face-kicks. Each with a special skill set, these two will have a lot to learn from one another. We also have Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson) showing everyone up and getting the job done, but now he’s stuck at his desk. The Chief (Alan Arkin) doesn’t really know what to do with any of these misfits, and the world, yet again, is under threat. Collin and Nemo join us to go undercover, to use fun gadgets and to sexily dance through lasers. Nemo also gets to discuss her boo, Johnson. RTS encourages you to bring your shoe phones and your cone of silence. Thank you to the Westword for your recent write-up! We miss you, Alan Arkin! A swordfish almost went through your head! 

    1h 32m | Jul 28, 2023
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Do you have a 90s childhood or part of one? Need to borrow one? You might need to start here. Reporter April O’Neil (Judith Hoag) is digging up too much dirt on the rumors of an ancient ninja gang who may now be operating in New York. The Shredder (James Saito) delivers a slap message to silence it. What is his master plan outside of fathering wayward teens and owning the world’s coolest warehouse? As we figure that out, he will continue onward with his crime wave. He also kidnaps Master Splinter (Kevin Clash). The four ninja brothers (Leonardo, Donatello, Raphel and Michelangelo) you know and love are here to put a stop to it and to hang with April. Street vigilante Casey Jones (Elias Koteas) is here for the assist – and to hang with April. This is going to be a bodacious time! La-Mar and Collin slice and dice their way through some Foot Clan madness. RTS scramble for some fun pizza! Popular pizza bars and restaurants in Denver are shutting down. Please, stop! There’s only one way to make it all work, and that’s going to take some turtle power! Do you prefer cowabunga? 

    1h 38m | Jul 21, 2023
  • Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow

    Corporations of the future enjoy making sensual cyborg assassins. In a world with heavy laws against cyborg and human relations, they all really want sexy times to happen. Cash (Angelina Jolie), an all-too-real cyborg, has cartwheeled her way into Colton’s (Elias Koteas) heart and, um, nether regions. Now, on the run to save the endless love they established in the last 5 minutes, they are led by the digital teeth and huffy voice of Mercy (Jack Palance) while being hunted down by a thin-skinned psycho, Danny (Billy Drago). We miss you, Billy! La-Mar joins our pursuit in this low-fi electro-brawling future. Can RTS make sure that there is love and not sex bombs? Can Angelina Jolie ninja her way out of this film? Also, it’s our anniversary! Let’s celebrate! Thank you for listening!

    1h 29m | Jul 14, 2023
  • Deep Rising

    John Finnegan (Treat Williams) just wants to do a job and get paid. A bunch of mercenaries and a weird nerd who owns a cruise boat put a stop to that! Joey (Kevin J. O’Connor) adds some whiny chaos. Trillian (Famke Janssen) sneaks around like a sneaky sneak. Hanover (Wes Studi) leads gun first. Oh, and there are massive tentacle monsters sucking the liquids out of all humans and leaving their goo-bones behind! So, kind of a terrible cruise! Worry not, RTS have a plan! It involves a torpedo and a jet ski! Collin accompanies us with rotating rounds of ammunition to take down these tentacle brutes! We miss you, Treat Williams! “Now what?”

    1h 18m | Jul 7, 2023
  • Action Jackson

    Jericho “Action” Jackson (Carl Weathers) is a force to be reckoned with. Stay on his good side/stay out of his way. Coach (Craig T. Nelson) runs some shady, illegal automotive activities before he becomes the coach. Sydney Ash (Vanity) loves drugs! She simply loves them! Patrice (Sharon Stone) just doesn’t get it. When you put it all together, you somehow have an action movie as big as Jackson’s biceps! Stay vigilant with RTS on the mean streets of Detroit. La-Mar and Jeremy join for an epic car in a house party. Gabe and Cheng make their Rabbit Troop Sucks debuts for street justice and explosions. Don’t lose an arm! If you do, you have a spare!

    1h 32m | Jun 30, 2023
  • Surf Ninjas

    Surfing? Sometimes! Ninjas? Yes! A magic Sega Game Gear and becoming the heirs of the kingdom of Patusan? Yes and yes! Johnny (Ernie Reyes Jr.) is about to turn 16. So, to make sure he becomes a teen father, it is arranged that he will marry Ro-May (Kelly Hu). Zatch (Ernie Reyes Sr.) blows up the family house! Whoops! Now everyone is homeless but magical. Johnny is accompanied by his younger brother Adam (Nicolas Cowan) and friend Iggy (Rob Schneider) to help take down the mechanical hand of Colonel Chi (Leslie Nielson) and his evil army. Come along with RTS on this ninja-tastic adventure. La-Mar and Collin join to take on this assault and bask in the island’s sun. Where did Tone Loc go?

    1h 24m | Jun 23, 2023
  • Grandma's Boy

    You’re kicked to the street because your roommate has been spending your rent money on “massages.” Serious bummer! Alex (Allen Covert) is in this exact situation. Now, desperately trying to find a place to live, building a work romance with Samantha (Linda Cardellini), satisfying his Zen boss Mr. Cheezle (Kevin Nealon) and creating his own video game, Alex’s life is chaotic. RTS enjoys the witty banter and video game-themed horseplay all along the way. Collin makes his Rabbit Troop Sucks debut to shut down JP (Joel David Moore) and his robo-voiced nonsense. JP will never get his metal legs! Maybe he should invest in karate monkeys and lions. Or, get tofu cakes with Shiloh! Roll those thoughts up and smoke ‘em. 

    1h 36m | Jun 16, 2023
  • The Great Yokai War

    Moving to a small town can be tough. Becoming the chosen one, a “Kirin Rider,” to defeat evil is a whole new level of responsibility. Was this part of the family’s relocation agreement? Tadashi (Ryunosuke Kamiki) has a lot on his hands and that includes the thigh of the River Princess (Seiko Iwaido). Don’t worry, it will make sense in context. Maybe! RTS learn a lot more about Japanese folklore in this episode. Lucor joins on this mission to destroy evil! Have fun with mystical creatures, spirit hangouts, eyeball screen doors, and Agi (Chiaki Kuriyama) skillfully slicing down all that is good. Make sure you have azuki beans! Also, help us adopt a sunekosuri! 

    1h 22m | Jun 9, 2023
  • Manborg

    Join RTS for our 50th episode! Thank you for listening! Man! Borg! He is a Manborg! This film is nothing but the sweet nectar of awesomeness! Do yourself a favor and watch this film beforehand. The members of Astron-6 deliver a delightful borgy story of a brother’s love and learning the true meaning of family – and heaven. Manborg (Matthew Kennedy) woke up in a box and life is confusing! Help him! Try your best to bewitch The Baron (Jeremy Gillespie). Pop in a future cassette with Doctor Scorpius (Adam Brooks). Escape the demon hordes with Justice (Conor Sweeney), Mina (Meredith Sweeney) and #1 Man (Ludwig Lee). The human uprising begins here! La-Mar and Lucor join in and cut through the shenanigrams. “To the death, please.”

    1h 29m | Jun 2, 2023
  • No Escape

    Sometimes you get dumped off on a prison island to die. Robbins (Ray Liotta) is just not having it. He’s not having it at his job! He’s not having it with the warden! He’s not having it with Marek (Stuart Wilson) and his gang! Even though The Father (Lance Henriksen) and Hawkins (Ernie Hudson) tell ‘Liottes’ that there is no escape, he’s not having it! Come along with RTS for this Lord of the Flies-esque romp. Jeremy returns for this epic jungle jam, but which camp is he on? Will he share resources? Between the homebrewed booze, visiting the “Wet Dream” and the lack of showering, it’s just like the summer camp you remember as a kid!

    1h 34m | May 26, 2023
  • The Faculty

    Robert Rodriguez has assembled true villainy. Jean Grey of the X-Men (Famke Janssen), the former host of the Daily Show (Jon Stewart), and T2 (Robert Patrick) are led by Principal Drake (Bebe Neuwirth) to take down earth, eliminate human shenanigans and to consume massive amounts of water. The new late 90s Breakfast Club needs to put a stop to this! Join RTS as they team up with Elijah Wood, Jordana Brewster, Josh Hartnett and others representing their cliques to end this stream of bad education! We have to turn these things into the frothy goo they deserve! Teen drug lab to the rescue! And, there is always time for romance! Listen, muffin, if they don’t bodysnatch you, you are probably going to have an enjoyable time! 

    1h 44m | May 19, 2023
  • Wing Commander

    Watch out who you call a “Pilgrim” around these parts. Lt. Blair (Freddy Prinze Jr.) is a bit hot and cold with that topic. But, he does have a fist-sized necklace for proof of his heritage. Lt. ‘Manic’ (Matthew Lillard) is doing some Lillard things in ships. Lt. ‘Angel’ (Saffron Burrows) is also a bit hot and cold with our lead. Maybe this is a space attitude thing. Maybe these space soldiers are strange because of the cat creatures coming for them. Also, the crew believes no one existed in the past. There is also someone trying to claim the callsign for ‘Paladin’. We can’t have that! Make the space jump you may or may not regret! Join RTS as they jettison all notions they had on space and the future of cat monsters. 

    1h 13m | May 12, 2023
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