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Organic Matters

Tomas Salas & Dominick George discuss organic matters, things that matter to them, humanity, and anyone around them. Sometimes they get deep and other times they talk about what's on the top of their brains. The stimulating subjects keep you entertained for hours. Listening to these absolute bozos leaves you feeling refreshed and in a comedic mood. Basically, they just talk. You know the vibes.


The Death Row of New Years - Organic Matters Podcast EP.17 SEASON 2 PREMIRE
Show Details1hr 8min
Sharing Our Greatest Insecurities- Organic Matters Ep.16
Show Details1hr 11min
What the Dog Do? - Organic Matters Ep.15
Show Details1hr 5min
The Bat Helps You Think [Oh no] - Organic Matters EP.14
Show Details57min
Tomas Signed to IUPUI to Dive! - Organic Matters EP.13
Show Details42min 4s
Tomas Got Stabbed in the Back 50 Times - Organic Matters EP.12
Show Details1hr 14min
Joeshark's Dad Doesn't Want Chips & Queso - Organic Matters EP.11
Show Details45min 35s
Podcasters Portably Drinking Protein - Organic Matters EP.10
Show Details1hr 9min
Surgeries & Tattoos, Should you get them? - Organic Matters EP.9
Show Details1hr 13min
What's your Love Language? You Mad? - Organic Matters EP.8
Show Details1hr 11min
Homecoming Week Was Epic! [What is acceptable to say?] - Organic Matters EP.7
Show Details1hr 5min
We Got in a Car Accident & Dom Cross Dressed to School - Organic Matters EP.6
Show Details59min 54s
Sleep Less (or more) and Make Art but DONT Eat Peas - Organic Matters EP.5
Show Details57min 46s
Dominick is an Embarrassment to His Family and Tomas Has a Mental Breakdown - Organic Matters EP.4
Show Details53min 40s
Covid, Cars, and Organic Origins. Also... How is Joe Rogan alive? - Organic Matters EP.3
Show Details57min 41s
Am I an Anti-Intellectual if I think the sun is the Only Star in the Solar System? - Organic Matters EP.2
Show Details53min 44s
We were once Children and now we are CYBORGS - Organic Matters Podcast EP. 1
Show Details52min 55s