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The Business Butler Podcast

Business Consultant Clayton C. Butler serves up tasty insights on marketing, advertising, branding, and other creative business solutions on a silver platter--served in bite-size chunks, so it's easy to digest. For more information about Clayton and his advertising agency Butler Productions, visit


You Should be Branding YOURSELF Along With Your Business!
Show Details36min 54s
How Far Are You Willing to Go With Your Brand?
Show Details31min 25s
Developing an Authentic Personal Brand While Running Your Business
Show Details26min 9s
Fixing Little Errors in your Online Presence Keeping Customers Away
Show Details38min 2s
Getting Better Facebook Page Engagement
Show Details38min 37s
Making the Most out of Mistakes in Your Business
Show Details26min 51s
Upsells, Commoditization, SEO, and Brand Story
Show Details25min 26s
If I Had To Start Over With Just One Marketing Asset
Show Details20min 18s
Five Phrases to Stop Using In Your Advertising Right Now
Show Details16min 12s
Are You Really Prepared?
Show Details23min 8s
Using Sensory Branding for the Best Customer Experience
Show Details22min 1s
Be Polarizing in Your Marketing and Advertising
Show Details13min 39s
Nobody Cares About You and Your Business
Show Details11min 50s
Are Your Afraid to Advertise?
Show Details19min 41s
Removing Your Customers' Barriers to Buying
Show Details10min 27s
How is Your Phone Game?
Show Details12min 26s
Making Your Best First Impression Online
Show Details16min 22s
Is your Marketing SOUND? - The New Era of Sonic Branding
Show Details18min 3s
What information do you allow into your life?
Show Details22min 56s
Are You Ready to Reopen Your Business after COVID-19 Shutdown?
Show Details18min 49s
Are You Breaking the Law with Your Marketing
Show Details27min 3s
How to get Stuck in Your Customer's Mind For a Lifetime
Show Details13min 50s
Using Video for your Business
Show Details17min 30s
The Power of Promo
Show Details11min 43s
Advertising and Branding Strategy During COVID-19 Lockdown
Show Details18min 18s
Before You Hire an Advertising or Marketing Agency
Show Details16min 59s
[Q&A] Direct Mail Marketing Strategies
Show Details11min 56s
What Message Is Your Advertising Sending
Show Details16min 59s
How to Make a Sales Pitch
Show Details19min 49s
Jump - by Steve Harvey [Business and Motivational Book Review]
Show Details15min 8s
Breaking News about Google Ads Changes
Show Details11min 9s
Not the Time to Sell?
Show Details11min 47s
Is Your Business Closed Due to Coronavirus? - Tips on How You Can Survive the Shutdown
Show Details9min 57s
[Q&A] Business Strategies During Coronavirus Shutdown
Show Details18min 56s
Are You Being Opportunistic in Your Business?
Show Details9min 38s
NOW is the Time to Try Paid Advertising for Your Business
Show Details7min 55s
Getting Everything You Can out of All You've Got - Business Book Review
Show Details14min 17s
Focus on What You Can Control: Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty in your Business
Show Details7min 13s
Impostor Syndrome - Dealing With Negative Self-Talk in Your Business
Show Details9min 44s
Content Strategy: What's Your Core Message?
Show Details6min 45s
How to Grow Your Brand and Business, RIGHT NOW, During Coronavirus Lockdown
Show Details8min 8s