Ep. 26: Light Unto Every Being

Season 1 | Episode 26
1h 3m | Aug 2, 2021

Two weeks' worth of Come Follow Me study, covering Doctrine & Covenants 84-87.

In this episode, we celebrate a verse in section 84 which affirms that godly knowledge and influence is sent to every human on Earth, regardless of race, religion, neurotype, disability, country, gender, sexual orientation, and more. We deliberate on whether the Come Follow Me manual lives up to the scripture's potential for inclusiveness, and how long it has to go to fulfill that potential. We talk about "sin" in the "world" and how that has been used in Church culture to vilify marginalized people, especially neurodivergent people, by falsely assuming that "progress" and "growth" is only in one, linear direction, rather than expansive and individual. Finally, when talking about Joseph Smith's prophecy of the Civil War, we remind our followers that slavery still exists in the United States via a loophole in the 13th Amendment, and exhort everyone to continue to learn about issues of slavery, racism, and policing.

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