Ep. 31: A Blind High Councillor and Disability Tithes - D&C 111-120

Season 1 | Episode 31
1h 3m | Oct 11, 2021

Two weeks' worth of LDS Come Follow Me study, covering Doctrine & Covenants Sections 111 through 120.

In this episode we discuss how Thomas Marsh left the LDS Church in 1838 for legitimate (non-cow-milk-related) reasons and what that teaches us about allyship, and what it means to "arise and sit down, and shake off the dust."

We introduce another disabled person from LDS church history, Oliver Granger, who was mostly blind, a good friend of Joseph Smith's, and served in many important positions in the early church. His story is a remarkable example of how disabled people can and should be in leadership positions in the church nowadays.

Finally, we delve into the issues surrounding tithing and disability, especially when a disabled member of the Church is on government disability benefits. Many people are unaware that the Church cannot require disabled people to pay tithing on government benefits for legal reasons, and yet many disabled people are still being pressured to do so, and shamed and excluded if they don't.

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