Ep. 32: Privilege in the Very Jaws of Hell - D&C 121-124

Season 1 | Episode 32
57m | Oct 24, 2021

Two weeks of LDS Come Follow Me commentary, covering Doctrine & Covenants sections 121 through 124.

In this episode, we provide context for the circumstances that led to Joseph Smith's imprisonment in Liberty Jail, and explain that the tension between non-Mormons and members of the Church in Missouri at the time was not unilateral. Violence was high on both sides, and that is something we need to acknowledge to move forward honestly in our faith.

We go on to discuss how we should approach the privilege and marginalization of other people, especially when we're going through a hard time ourselves. Is there a "right" approach, or do certain approaches simply not work at certain times? We make a connection between the verses discussing suffering and the suffering of disabled people during the pandemic.

Finally, we bring it back to disability by sharing some stories of disabled, Deaf, and neurodivergent people all around the world who have been impacted by COVID-19 disproportionately. We share these stories to point out the diversity of disabled experiences, but strongly encourage our followers to seek out and listen to the experiences of disabled people in their own congregations, neighborhoods, and communities.

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