Ep. 30: Appendages, Auxiliaries, & Accessibility

Season 1 | Episode 30
1h 11m | Sep 28, 2021

Two weeks' worth of LDS Come Follow Me commentary, discussing Doctrine & Covenants Sections 106-110.

In this episode, we highlight the importance of intersectionality, and how disability and neurodivergence often come last in intersectional discussions. We talk about how behavioral expectations in 19th century Mormon meetings didn't allow for disabled and neurodivergent people to be present and involved in their own way.

We discover another instance of how anti-blackness was intertwined with the LDS Church back in the 1830s, and how it was used to alienate dissenters from the Church.

Some other questions from the text we discuss: How much power does someone hold in the church if they hold an "auxiliary" position without the priesthood? What does it mean to us as disabled people to read how Adam and his generation lived for hundreds of years?

Finally, we both rejoice and lament in the language of the dedicatory prayer of the Kirtland, Ohio temple in Section 109.

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