Ep. 28: Ode to Frederick G. Williams

Season 1 | Episode 28
1h 7m | Aug 30, 2021

Two weeks' worth of Come Follow Me study, covering Doctrine & Covenants 93-97.

In this episode, we start by sharing the recent LDS First Presidency announcement regarding COVID-19 precautions for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and offering our commentary on it.

Going into our scripture study, we start off by discussing what it means to "grow from grace to grace" as disabled and neurodivergent people, and how opposite tensions can lead to further discovery of knowledge. We discuss how the union of the body and spirit to equal the soul is the antidote for earthly self-betrayal.

Finally, we introduce Frederick G. Williams as a disabled man and a progressive physician in his own right, examining his life and his work from a disability and neurodiversity perspective.

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