Ep. 33: Desire, Logic and Personal Revelation - D+C 125-132

57m | Nov 9, 2021

Two weeks worth of Come Follow Me covering D+C 125 through 132.

In this episode, Serena and Katie discuss how privilege plays a role in the gathering of the saints despite desire (or lack of), the circumstances around Brigham Young's call to stay with his family, the nuanced space Joseph Smith and disabled people today dwell in in regards to trials, real life policies in regards to temple attendance and baptisms for the dead who are deemed "not accountable" during their lives on earth, considering people with psychosis when discussing angelic or other spirit visitations, the logic of feeling comfort in suffering with prophets, when personal revelation conflicts with prophetic teachings, and brief insights on polygamy.

Watch out for a bonus episode that will be coming out this Thursday (11/11) with more thoughts and information on polygamy, from a queer, disabled, neurodivergent perspective.

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