Ep. 27: Word of Wisdom - For Whom?

1h 14m | Aug 17, 2021

Two weeks' worth of Come Follow Me study, covering Doctrine & Covenants 88-92.

In this episode, we start by sharing information on how to order customized garments, for those in need of that resource. We also correct information we shared in Episode 25 about The Indian Placement Program, using Indian Country Today's website as our resource.

We then jump into our studies of the scriptures, and discuss "celestial" bodies and the harms of ranking bodies, the parable of the workers in the field and how the Lord glories in coming to us in our own time, how unique and important each of us are to God within and despite the vastness of the creation, the strain between calls for resisting idolatry vs a working mindset and capitalism within the church and the history of that, and we end our discussion with a break down of the history and canonized text of the Word of Wisdom.

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