The Mirror Demon

50m | Apr 16, 2023

Mirrors are a common sight in everyday life. They are often found in bathrooms, bedrooms, and dressing rooms, serving as a tool for reflection and self-awareness. However, there are some who believe that mirrors hold a greater power than just a reflection of one's physical appearance.

To these individuals, mirrors are considered as the gateway to other realms. These beliefs can be found across a vast array of cultures and religions, each with their own unique interpretation of what lies beyond the looking glass.

While some may dismiss these ideas as fantasy or superstition, the idea that mirrors can act as a portal to other dimensions has captivated the minds of many throughout history.

What do you think? Are mirrors the gateway to other realms, and as such. What if they are used in magical practices. What would you do if you saw something in the mirrors that just maybe, you should never had seen.

It is time for you to sit back, relax, and lend me your ears, open your mind, and consider the What If, as I spin you the tale.

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