Deep In the Woods

18m | Apr 9, 2023

Deep in the woods, where the branches of the trees form a dense canopy and the sunlight hardly penetrates the forest floor, there exist mysterious and elusive hidden secrets that are shrouded in mystery and darkness.

There are stories of secret meeting of mysterious groups of people. They meet in secret under the shroud of darkness.

Some say there are creatures that they believe to be evil, preying on unsuspecting wanderers who venture too far into their domain.

The idea of evil hiding in the woods is not new. From folklore to horror movies, humans have always been drawn to tales of supernatural beings that live in the wilderness.

But what if there is some truth to these tales? What if there are secret groups of people or even creatures living deep in the woods that are beyond our understanding?

The mysterious that hide deep in the woods has sparked curiosity and fear among many. What about you? Have you ever been so deep in the woods when you saw something that just maybe you shouldn’t have seen.

When you where a child, did you like to play in the woods? Did you ever see something that to this day you still can’t explain.

When we are kids our imaginations can in fact scar us for life, but what if it all was real, what if it was not our imagination after all.

It is time for you to sit back, relax, and lend me your ears, open your mind, and consider the What If, as I spin you the tale.

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