• The end of an Era

    In the second to last weekend of the season we have come down to the last of the European spots to play for on top of teams fighting to stay within the league. We speak and chat about good landing spots for certain players and where they might fit into the teams roles best for next season.

    1h 7m - May 18, 2022
  • The end is near!

    The end of the year is upon us and we are talking about the finale of not only European league spots to fill, but also the relegation battles are heating up and getting very interesting on who will stay up and who will be going down. We chat about some transfers and some thoughts on who will be going to certain teams as well.

    1h 14m - May 11, 2022
  • The Sad Hours

    This is the sad hours for Liam Alan and I with our teams constantly letting us down. Abdul is thriving and Johns season for Flamengo is just starting. The leagues have been summed up and spoken about and the last few weeks are upon us on top of the fact that there are a few titles that can be won in the next week. There is a lot to play for with a lot of teams battling for the Champions League and making their push!

    1h 10m - Apr 21, 2022
  • Johns World Cup woes

    We talk about the World Cup draw and which teams might go through and which teams might falter. John has flashbacks of a possible Germany v Brazil rematch in the round of 16. We go through the leagues and the struggles our teams went through this week. We also then went through some of the players that are just killing it and how a lot of young players could be on the move and some big names might stay.

    1h 42m - Apr 16, 2022
  • Summer is coming

    In this episode we talk about the big summer that will be upon us with big transfers bound to happen, as well as players who are on the brink of being called up for their national teams on the move for a potential change to get called up for the winter World cup that will be occurring this year. We also talk about the league matches that have resumed and how the leagues are all closing on the final month and a half and how the leagues are getting closer and spicer.

    1h 26m - Apr 6, 2022
  • PSG are in shambles

    PSG are in big trouble. They have a lot of issues and Mateo has some ideas on what they can do to be able to get past this issue and move on to international success. We also talk about possible manager switches, player switches and decisions, as well as teams possibilities to grow and continue their success that they've had this season. We also go into the leagues and talk about last weeks games and how the last push for some teams are coming along.

    1h 26m - Mar 30, 2022
  • The Return

    We are back after some scheduling issues with Liam rehearsing for a big play and some other conflicts with the other Futbol dads that could not make it the past two weeks. We are back and have lots of Futbol to cover and very exciting matches. We chat about the leagues and where they are headed as some leagues start to heat up after it was looking over and some champions league matches that shocked us. We chat about the collapse of PSG and the dominance of Real Madrid.

    1h 2m - Mar 19, 2022
  • Who is the best Futbol analyst in the world?

    In this episode we get INTO it about who is washed and who is not the best in the world currently. We talk about player injuries and we talk about if they still have it or if they will be able to be great players in the future. We then go through the leagues and talk about how close some leagues are getting and certain champions league spots are getting tighter.

    1h 25m - Feb 24, 2022
  • Who will win the Champions league?

    The Champions League is BACK and it was a very good day of matches. We talk a lot to break down both matches, talk about predictions for Wednesday matches and Europa League as well. We then get into the 5 leagues and how tables and games are looking as well and get into some possible transfer moves for people and possible salaries.

    1h 36m - Feb 17, 2022
  • Ferrari or Go-Kart?

    In this episode we recap the 5 leagues and then get into players and some of their comparisons and who is possibly the best of the best. We then get into some serious issues with players not only in this sport but also in other sports and talk about the issues within the sports world and how we hold them to a higher standard. We then get into the wages that some teams have and how some teams don't pay but due to other issues and TV deals.

    1h 52m - Feb 9, 2022
  • Is Alan right?

    In this episode we talk about rivalries and relegation and Alan has some interesting points about it but is he right? We discuss the 5 leagues with our good friend James as we discuss big games coming up and transfers as well for certain teams and some big transfers they are!

    1h 39m - Jan 27, 2022
  • John isn't biased at ALL

    In this episode we recap the leagues that have come back from the new year and how the games went and where they are in the standings. We then speak about the team of the year nominees that were announced this past weekend and who each of us think should be there. While going through them John's picks are not biased whatsoever on who he thinks deserves to be in the team of the year.

    1h 6m - Jan 13, 2022
  • Don't be like Abdul

    In our last episode of the year and with little games to speak about we get into lots of different topics and questions about Futbol. We talk about players and if they are Icon or Hero cards in FIFA, and we also talk about some transfers and what they could look like possibly with other people moving and what the line ups could look like. Lots of disagreements mainly with the main man Abdul and the interesting takes he has had.

    1h 34m - Dec 28, 2021
  • Futbol Dads s2 ep13

    In this weeks episode it is our 1 Year anniversary!! We started a year ago and still going strong reporting all of our leagues and news that we hear as well. In this week we are a bit short staffed but still are able to deliver all the recent games. and the leagues top leaders going into Christmas. We also spoke a lot about the Premier League and the situation going on with the Omricon varient spreading and why they are getting hit the hardest.

    1h 5m - Dec 21, 2021
  • Futbol Dads S2 ep12

    This episode had it all! From one of us missing to a special guest arriving and giving us the knowledge! We spoke and went through the top 5 leagues, ran through the end of the MLS and the Liga MX cups and spoke the top teams in Portugal. We then went into the Champions League and the blunder that they created on top of the draw and who will go through. We also spoke about the Europa League and the new format that they have as well as Europa League Conference.

    1h 15m - Dec 14, 2021
  • Futbol Dads s2 ep11

    We are back for another week and even though we are short staffed we are able to get through the LOADs of games that happened during the weekend and during the midweek as well. We talk baout possible managers to replace the beautiful Flamengo, and we talk even more about the MLS and the MLS final that will be happening. We also talk about manager moves for other teams and some big games for the Chamions league as well.

    1h 14m - Dec 7, 2021
  • Futbol Dads S2 ep10

    In this episode we are talking about the big news that happened on Monday with Messi winning his 7th Ballon D'or. We talk about if he deserves it, if Lewandowski deserved it instead and possible winners for next year already. We recap the leagues and we chat about how good of a year the title races are and the Champions League is turning out to be in all the leagues.

    1h 11m - Nov 30, 2021
  • Futbol Dads S2 ep9

    In the newest episode this week we talk about how most of our teams got destroyed and how the results shape up the table and the champion league spots and who is looking like the leaders so far within the campaign. We then chat about the so far qualified for the World Cup that will be happening next year and teams that are in the hunt for their spot in the World Cup. We are visited by someone special and they will be joining us next week the entire episode as well!

    1h 49m - Nov 24, 2021
  • Futbol Dads S2 EP8

    We are back with another episode and we talk to you about all the drama within the top 5 leagues and how the league races are shaping up! We discuss some goals, some games, and the MLS playoffs set to happen as well. We then get into some questions asked by our viewers and have fun discussions with them and arguments as well!

    1h 48m - Nov 10, 2021
  • Futbol Dads S2 EP7

    In this episode we talk about the exciting and exhilarating games that occurred this weekend and the standings within the table. We then talk about some manager changes and what they might mean for the club and the future of managing as well. We talk in depth about some players and how good they have been for their club.

    1h 17m - Nov 6, 2021
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