27. A Grad Romance

48m | Jul 21, 2022

Love is in the air. On this episode, we talk to Dr. Christina, a recently minted PhD in American studies. She shares her reflections and authentic advice on what it's like to date while in graduate school. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • identifying the place of romantic relationships in our life and how the prioritization of relationships changes throughout grad school
  • the pros and cons of dating someone who is also a student
  • the importance of therapy in helping you to conceptualize how to date and why you approach dating the way you do
  • grieving while also attending to academic commitments 

All in all, this episode is a reminder for folks to seriously consider therapy as a way to help you make sense of your dating approach. Dr. Christina suggests the directory provided by to help you find a provider.

To stay connected, you can find Dr. Christina at csessoms3 on Instagram and Christina Sessoms on Linked In

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