14. Nailed It

34m | May 24, 2021

This is the beauty episode you’ve been waiting for! On this edition of the podcast, we talk to Sharana aka “The Manicured Scientist,” a recent graduate with her M.S. in Forensic Toxicology who blends her love for forensic science and beauty. She is redefining what a scientist looks like one manicure at a time. Sharana talks about the benefits of working in between undergrad and grad school and how those years provided useful skills for prioritizing her self care. As our resident beauty expert, she breaks down the science of nail care and gives us some great tips on how to have fly nails on a grad school budget. 

Some of her must haves include: Practice, Nail File (glass), Quality Base Coat, Nail Oil, Nail Polish Thinner

She also recommends some great brands to check out including: 

Zoya Nail Polish (zoyanailpolish)

Triple O Nail Polish (ooopolish)

You can follow Sharana through these accounts:

IG: @Sharanadarcel

YouTube: Sharana Darcel


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