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The Wealthy Sports Lounge

Justin and Tyler cover NFL football, have occasional strong opinions about New York sports teams, and sometimes baseball.

Producer Joe acts as the token non-sports fan, and sometimes Part-time Josh peeks his head in and roots for the Lions whether there's a reason or not.

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NFL Championship Week Recap
Show Details1hr 5min
NFL Divisional Round Recap, Championship Week Preview
Show Details53min 20s
Wild Card Recap, Divisional Round Picks
Show Details52min 4s
Wild Card Weekend Preview
Show Details1hr 16min
Week 18
Show Details1hr 12min
Week 17
Show Details1hr 23min
Week 16
Show Details39min 57s
Week 15 - NFL
Show Details47min 39s
Week 14 - NFL
Show Details50min 5s
BONUS: College Football Rant
Show Details16min 15s