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Zombie Chickens Podcast

Two heads are better than one, even if they're undead. A podcast that is as random as it's name.


43. Top 5 Anime Movies
Show Details34min 1s
42. Physical Books vs E-Books
Show Details34min 42s
41. Spooky Stories on Halloween
Show Details16min 26s
40. Random Halloween Topics
Show Details46min 15s
39. Tricks for Halloween
Show Details14min 43s
38. Halloween Around the World
Show Details53min 37s
37. The History of Halloween
Show Details29min 30s
36. Friendship Test: How well do we know each other?
Show Details37min 1s
35. Best Friend BuzzFeed Quizzes
Show Details1hr 7min
34. How We Met and How Zombie Chickens Were Born
Show Details58min 35s
33. Friendship Compatibility
Show Details37min 6s
32. What If...Inception Was Real
Show Details1hr 1min
31. What If...You Lived in a Fantasy World
Show Details1hr
30. What If...There was an Apocalypse
Show Details45min 52s
29. Patreon Episode: Guilty Pleasures
Show Details32min 19s
28. Not So Popular Conspiracy Theories
Show Details38min 21s
27. Popular Conspiracy Theories
Show Details55min 9s
26. Mandela Effect
Show Details31min 55s
25. Controversial Dislikes
Show Details1hr 8min
24. Controversial Likes
Show Details27min 25s
23. Taking Therapy While Dreaming About Zombie Apocalypses
Show Details50min 38s
22. Childhood Fears
Show Details59min 27s
21. Irrational Fears
Show Details57min 27s
20. Rational Fears
Show Details1hr 30min
19. Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Show Details55min 39s
18. Top 10 Theme Parks of the World
Show Details1hr 32min
17. Top 10 Foods of the World
Show Details1hr 26min
16. Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World
Show Details1hr 8min
15. Folklore: Scandinavia
Show Details39min
14. Folklore: Turkey
Show Details41min 56s
13. Folklore: Mexico
Show Details46min 27s
12. Folklore: Japan
Show Details54min 54s
11. Folklore: South Africa
Show Details45min 34s
10. Watching Movie Genres We Hate
Show Details36min 57s
09. Top-Rated VS Worst-Rated Movies
Show Details34min 39s
08. Netflix and Not So Chill
Show Details49min 15s
07. Guess the Outcome of the Movie
Show Details1hr 29min
06. Fetish Me Now!
Show Details46min 6s
05. Love and Despair: The Cases of Jodi Arias and Pamela Smart
Show Details59min 7s
04. Love Tips and Marriage is a Social Construct
Show Details1hr 9min
03. Love and Despair: The Cases of Stephanie Lazarus and Robert Fisher
Show Details47min 57s
02. Are you Human?
Show Details48min 6s
01. Balanced B*tch
Show Details58min 40s
Pilot Episode
Show Details4min 28s