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Creators After Dark

Creators After Dark is an inspirational interview show featuring new and underrated content creators. The format allows them to share their stories in their own words with minimal interruption.


23 - Portraits of Remembrance with Photographer Carmen Davailus
Show Details38min 20s
22 - Stories I Need To Tell with Filmmaker Royce Freeman
Show Details56min 39s
21 - Let's Have a Conversation with Podcaster Christian Reeve
Show Details56min 40s
20 - Girl from The Rocks with Comedian JC Coccoli
Show Details48min 9s
19 - The Science of Art with Artist Rohini Devasher
Show Details39min 24s
18 - One Pixel at a Time with Reddit r/Place Participant BarclayMcClay
Show Details57min 27s
17 - Ask an Agent with Talent Agent Suzanne Massingill
Show Details33min 39s
16 - Songs from the Smokies with Musician Willow Osborne
Show Details49min 9s
15 - The Sport of Filmmaking with 48 Hour Film Project Creator Mark Ruppert
Show Details46min 38s
14 - Unconventional Superheroes with Comic Book Creator Led Bradshaw
Show Details49min 10s
13 - Sacrifice for the Craft with Actor Kelley Wilson Robinson
Show Details38min 24s
12 - Road Trip! with YouTuber Traveling Robert
Show Details1hr 2min
11 - Dedicating Yourself with Filmmaker Matthew Manyak
Show Details53min 32s
10 - Lessons of Life and Art with Film Festival Creator Mike Messier
Show Details1hr 18min
09 - It's a Journey with Model & Actor Monica Rivera
Show Details53min 47s
08 - Faith in the Creator with Singer-Songwriter GraceAnne
Show Details47min 48s
07 - Asking Big Questions with Podcaster Sergio Halabi
Show Details54min 13s
06 - Tales from Set with Actor Grant Henley
Show Details1hr 2min
05 - Creativity and Business with Podcaster Steve Cook
Show Details51min 5s
04 - Life After Arts School with Actor Christian Melton
Show Details31min 54s
03 - Life's Pain and Laughter with Comedian Shay Dominguez
Show Details48min 17s
02 - The First Decade with Actor Jeffrey Duckworth
Show Details29min 31s
01 - Unlikely Creative with Jeremy Jordan
Show Details37min 22s
00 - Creators After Dark Trailer
Show Details30s