Joao's Podcast Show

Joao Marco Maffini is a big-wave surfer from Maui. After graduating from the University of Hawaii with an M.S. in Finance, he started "Joao's Podcast Show" as an excuse to talk to interesting people and shine a light on their stories while having fun. When he's not working for his day job at a tele-health startup, he's hosting individuals and groups of people who are personally interesting and experts in their respective field(s) with a focus on business, sports, and science.


6 - Albee Layer: Professional Surfer
Show Details1hr 9min
5 - Yuri Soledade: Entrepreneur and Big-Wave Surfer
Show Details48min 48s
4 - Kai Lenny: Big-Wave Surfer and Professional Waterman
Show Details1hr 11min
3 - Lyon Farrell: Snowboarding, Sponsorships, and Growing up on Maui
Show Details1hr 26min
2 - Kai Barger & Kain Daly: Surfing and "The Ultimate Surfer"
Show Details1hr 32min
1 - Antonio "Tony" Piazza: Mediation
Show Details1hr 4min