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The Mental Mind

Creator: Tatiana

What is the mental mind project?: In February 2022 I created the mental mind project. The mental mind is a project designed by me to express the importance of mental health & give others out there who need advice, guidance, motivation, or even just someone to relate to, what they need. It is a website/blog & Instagram. And now a podcast!

What is the mental mind podcast?: It's a podcast for the mental mind! This podcast offers talks about mental health, stress, self care, self improvement, motivation, mindset & more will all be addressed. There will be more in depth conversations about my writings/blogs & thoughts through a listening feature! So if you're on the go and need some motivation or advice if you've ran through a hard day, tune in to the mental mind podcast!

Something to know: You do not have to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder to be going through something that affects your mental well being. Everyone goes through something, whether you struggle with mental health or not. I learned through my journey of mental health, that I am not alone. And neither are you.

Where can I get updates?: You can get updates on the mental mind project Instagram! @thementalmindproject



This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.