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Hello, I am your Host, Greg Maceno. This podcast is a Financial Literacy Podcast. The podcast's vision is to educate men and women of all ages on the fundamental of the art of finance. Topics that will be discussed, are financial history, investments, real estate and etc. For visuals of each podcast episode go like and subscribe to my

Youtube channel: The Money Press.

Instagram @theapprovedmp, or Twitter: @theapprovedmp.


Ep VIII: How do I pick my Dividend Stocks📈?
Show Details21min 29s
I'm Back (Update) 😁
Show Details3min 2s
Ep VII: 💵Stimulus Check
Show Details8min 43s
Ep VI: 📈Bull vs 📉Bear Market
Show Details5min 58s
Ep V: 💳 Credit Score
Show Details8min 20s
Ep IV: 💸 How to become a Tax Free Millionaire
Show Details7min 24s
Ep III: 💰How to Respect Money (Explicit)
Show Details7min 15s
Ep II: 🕰 Long Term vs ⚡️Short Term Investing
Show Details4min 1s
Ep I: 👍🏾 Good Debt vs 👎🏾 Bad Debt
Show Details3min 26s