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Beyond The Blue

918 Griffon Squadron Podcast hosted by their cadets


918 or 903? (Feat. WO1 Eisenbruner) S2 Ep5
Show Details35min 18s
A New Beginning S2 Ep4
Show Details30min 9s
We're live in 3,2,1 S2 Ep3
Show Details14min 43s
Growing Up S2 Ep2 P2 (ft. CV Leung, WO1 Qin and Ravi)
Show Details26min 49s
Growing Up S2 Ep2 P1 (ft. CV Leung, WO1 Qin and Ravi)
Show Details30min
Catching Up S2 Ep1 ( Feat.WO2 Leung & WO2 Ahn)
Show Details28min 5s
Beyond Dialogue S1 Ep7 *Finale* (Feat. Sgt Tan J)
Show Details35min 12s
Beyond Biathlon S1 Ep6 (Feat. FSgt Xu & FSgt Caparino H)
Show Details35min 33s
Beyond Theory S1 Ep5 (Feat. Christina Mai)
Show Details47min 15s
Beyond Air Cadets S1 Ep4 (Feat. Howie Liao)
Show Details19min 7s
Beyond Learning S1 Ep3 (Feat. FSgt Chen)
Show Details46min 8s
Beyond Routinely Drill S1 Ep2 (Feat. FSgt Ahn)
Show Details23min 35s
Show Details2min 40s
Beyond Ourselves S1 Ep1
Show Details24min 3s