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Doom Room Productions

A series of Podcast that explores various pop culture entertainment such as movies, games, and comics. An excellent mix of humor and nostalgia from various collectors and hobbyist. Relive the days of the video store and the glory days of the console wars with a since of humor. Step into the Doom Room to discuss the media that made us and prepare to laugh.


Doom Room Productions Christmas Special
Show Details41min 1s
One Million Years B.C.
Show Details16min 47s
The Toonami Episode
Show Details27min 12s
Doom Room Productions Halloween Special
Show Details16min 42s
Horror Movie Recommendations
Show Details44min 35s
Talking About Games
Show Details21min 52s
The Exorcist
Show Details20min 42s
Doom Room Interviews Nick
Show Details26min 17s
Jason and the Argonauts
Show Details11min 32s
Doom Room Interviews Kent
Show Details32min 8s
Christopher Lee
Show Details29min 38s
TMNT 1990
Show Details38min 21s