S3E28 - Round 2: My Buckets are Full and My Buckets are Soaked

1h 9m | May 3, 2023

Oh boy! The crew is back and to be Giannis with you, this is a great episode. We unplug the beam, we discuss Steph Curry, we discuss the Bucks and the concept of failure, and you get our live reaction to Celts v Sixers. Plus, we play the first ever round of "Who Dat?" and Jack Nicholson drops by for a bit! Get on in here, let's hoop!

09:00 - Tipoff / Round One In Memoriam 🙏

11:00 - 1st Quarter / Western Conference Semis ⬅️

22:30 - 2nd Q / Eastern Conference Semis ➡️

48:30 - 3rd Q / Who Dat? 🤔

56:15 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

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