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Millennial Grinders

Welcome to the Millennial Grinders. I'm your host Erika Peter, journalist, and content marketing specialist. In this podcast, you'll find inspiring interviews with successful millennial creatives, marketers and service-based entrepreneurs as well as marketing and business tips to help you grow a successful business.

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Why service-based entrepreneurs should use LinkedIn with Geni Cor
Show Details19min 39s
How to start and grow a podcast with Fran Moore
Show Details25min 15s
How Solopreneurs Can Increase Productivity with Carina Lawson
Show Details23min 58s
How to use hashtags on Instagram to grow your audience with Milou Pietersz
Show Details26min 41s
How to show up on the first page of Google with Tedi Bezna
Show Details41min 21s
How to scale a business with Stephanie Gilbert
Show Details43min 31s
From civil engineer to successful brand photographer with Wini Lao
Show Details41min 1s
"Who are Facebook and Google Ads for?" with Cynthia Sandoval
Show Details45min 2s
How to lead a virtual team of contractors as a soloproneur with Tianna Tye
Show Details46min 51s
How to leverage video marketing for your business with Nia Lee
Show Details59min 1s
Common legal mistakes creatives and coaches can avoid with Jaime Kiara Bell
Show Details53min 20s
Becoming a master of goal setting and productivity with Pia Beck
Show Details33min 7s
Finding freedom to create during the pandemic with Emma Westlund
Show Details30min 47s
Getting media coverage as a graphic & website designer with Jess Creatives
Show Details45min 38s
Debunking Social Media Myths with Laura Bitoiu
Show Details35min 36s
She sees it, she likes it, she learns it with Morgan Ringrose, website designer
Show Details36min 50s
Launching a business without a plan with Robert Murray
Show Details27min 19s
Going after your dreams in the midst of a pandemic with Jenna Paddey
Show Details38min 23s
How Lucas O'Keefe leveraged TikTok to build a successful business
Show Details51min 55s
Should your business be on TikTok?
Show Details6min 32s
How to leverage Instagram to sell with Monika Morito
Show Details33min 58s