The International Association of Strength and Conditioning (IASC FITNESS) is a sport, health, and fitness organization dedicated to advancing strength & conditioning, health & fitness, and physical education with the help of international professionals. IASC was founded in 2021 by fitness and strength & conditioning researchers, PhDs, PE teachers, and elite coaches from around the world.

IASC certifications are for all strength & conditioning coaches as well as fitness coaches and PE teachers that would like to gain further in-depth knowledge and skills from leading international experts while also adding an internationally recognized qualification to their professional profile. When you have an IASC Certification on your resume you elevate yourself. You become a coach that potential employers will immediately be able to recognize as someone who brings a high level of professional knowledge to their position.

Our mission

To provide a state-of-art health and fitness education that unlocks every professional’s true coaching potential so they can achieve their desired goals.

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