467 / 如何利用语音输入创造高质量内容 - How to use voice input to create high-quality content

Episode 467
14m | Dec 9, 2023

今天我要和大家分享一下我最近两个月使用语音输入的心得。自从开始尝试这种方式后,我的内容创作产量至少翻了一番,不论是日记、推特还是视频播客。通过使用各种工具,比如Chat GPT和Whisper,我发现我的语音转文字的效率和准确度都超出了预期。这不仅减轻了我的编辑负担,还提高了最终稿件的质量。今天,我还会分享一些小技巧,比如如何在散步时利用语音输入高效地整理日记和工作文件。如果你也对提升写作效率感兴趣,或者想知道如何更好地运用语音技术,那这期播客你绝对不能错过!

How to use voice input to create high-quality content

Today I want to share with you my experience of using voice input in the past two months. Since I started trying this method, my content creation output has at least doubled, whether it's diaries, tweets, or video podcasts. By using various tools such as Chat GPT and Whisper, I found that the efficiency and accuracy of my speech-to-text conversion exceeded expectations. This not only reduces my editing burden but also improves the quality of the final drafts. Today, I will also share some tips on how to efficiently organize diaries and work files while walking using voice input. If you are interested in improving writing efficiency or want to know how to better utilize voice technology, then you definitely can't miss this podcast episode!

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