• Ep 9 - I Hope You're Home by Emmet Michael

    In this Song Story, I chat with Edmonton Music Prize winner Emmet Michael about feeling far from home in his own community and his own body. Growing up queer and trans Emmet learned self-hatred from a faith tradition that was supposed to offer unconditional love. After a journey through addiction, he finally feels at home in his own body, but a friend could not find that home and ended his own life. Emmet's song I Hope Your Home is a response to that tragic loss.

    Support Emmet Michael's music at https://emmetmichaelmusic.com and follow him on IG at https://www.instagram.com/emmetmichaelmusic/

    14m | May 25, 2022
  • Story 8 - In The Long Run by Ryan Carnduff (feat. Von Bieker)

    This week's Song Story is a little different. When Red Deer's Ryan Carnduff put out a collection of demos that included In The Long Run, Song Stories host Von Bieker reached out to collaborate on a new version of the song.

    Von Bieker and Carnduff discuss where that collaboration wound up and where this tight weave of melancholy and hope began.

    Support Ryan Carnduff at ryancarnduff.bandcamp.com.

    Hear the original version of In The Long Run here.

    Find more of Von Bieker's music at https://vonbieker.com

    23m | May 9, 2022
  • Story 7 - Glitter On The Dance Floor by 0Stella

    0Stella cares as deeply about living a sustainable life as she does about crafting a genuine pop banger. In fact, she's currently touring Canada – yes all of it – on her bike.

    Before she heads out to the West Coast to begin her tour, 0Stella sat down with me to discuss her single Glitter On The Dance Floor. We talk about the reasons we make music – for love, for change, for money. We even talk about the meaning of life.

    Find 0Stella online and support her tour at 0stella.com.

    15m | Apr 27, 2022
  • Story 6 - Coyotes by Terra Spencer

    Nova Scotia's Terra Spencer shares the harrowing story behind Coyotes, from her East Coast Music Awards nominated album Chasing Rabbits. There are knives, skis, at least one grandfather, and a fair amount of laughs.

    Leave Terra Spencer a tip at paypal.me/terraspencer

    Catch her tour dates and releases on her website at terraspencer.ca

    16m | Apr 13, 2022
  • Story 5 - Trying To Be Free With Von Bieker

    On this fifth episode of Song Stories, I share the story of one of my own songs – Trying To Be Free – with a little help from my friends. Mostly laughter from my friends. This song was born in the wake of a high-desert bender and left me face to face with religious shame and the desire for deep spiritual connection, without all of the baggage. You'll meet my friends, poet Tania Runyan and China Kent of the band Alright Alright. Then, you'll hear the song in full.

    This story was recorded during a live-streamed event in March of 2021 before I knew how to actually record a live-streamed event without annoying echo, but I promise you the echo is a small price to pay for China and Tania's laughter throughout.

    You can find my debut album, where Trying To Be Free appears, at vonbieker.com.

    18m | Mar 29, 2022
  • Story 4 - St. Petersburg by Lindsey Walker

    Join me as I chat with hometown pal Lindsey Walker about her haunting song of pain and loss, St. Petersburg. We also cover alligators, sketchy zoos, our preference for spoken word on long drives and more.

    Support Lindsey Walker by visiting her website at lindseywalkermusic.com, where you can buy an amazing "WalkerMania" t-shirt.

    14m | Mar 14, 2022
  • Story 3 - Drive Fast with Suzie Vinnick

    Join me as I chat with Canadian roots and blues legend Suzie Vinnick about her gorgeous folk tune Drive Fast. We chat about the time it takes to write a song, the speed of the city, and how her song once thwarted a speeding ticket. We also chat about how Drive Fast, a song she wrote over 20 years ago with co-writer Kevin Carignan, came to be.

    Support Suzie Vinnick by visiting her website at suzievinnick.com and leaving her a tip at paypal.me/suzievinnick

    Get the full lyrics to Drive Fast from Suzie here.

    15m | Feb 28, 2022
  • Story 2 - Perfect Shade of Blue by Braden Gates

    Braden Gates joins me to discuss his beautiful song Perfect Shade of Blue. Then, we get to hear that song.

    This was the very first Song Stories episode put to "tape" – way back in 2019 before, you know, the plague. Some ideas take longer to launch than others I suppose. Coming back to our conversation years later I find myself just as drawn in by Braden's observational writing style. He seems to have discovered the true secret to art-making – pay attention.

    Braden also has a firm handle on one of the great secrets of life – don't take yourself too seriously.

    Support Braden Gates by streaming his catalog wherever you listen to music or buying his music on Bandcamp at https://bradengates.bandcamp.com

    Visit Braden's website because the first page alone will make you laugh in a way that explains Braden Gates better than I ever could - https://www.bradengates.com/

    Finally, find my own songwriting adventures online at https://vonbieker.com

    11m | Feb 14, 2022
  • Story 1 - Hard To Find by Blue Acres

    I interview Nova Scotia's Blue Acres (Darrel Cameron) about his spiritual break-up song, Hard To Find, from his debut album, Quiet Light. We discuss religious upbringing, shame, divorce and the freedom of leaving home. You know, the easy stuff.

    Support Blue Acres at https://blueacresmusic.com

    Follow Blue Acres on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/3UUwXdCpKjRyiDxrBK7iFB?si=lOfqaK6ORAC8ygoyg56Hvg


    Find out more about my music project, Von Bieker, at https://vonbieker.com

    15m | Feb 1, 2022
  • Trailer - Introducing Song Stories

    Join us for Song Stories every two weeks (more or less) starting February 1 2022. Each episode I (singer-songwriter Von Bieker) chat with a songwriter about a song they wrote – and then we listen to that song.

    1m | Jan 25, 2022
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