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Missing the Point with Myles David

A Hybrid audio show featuring commentary about the latest in Professional Tennis, entertaining views on Pop Culture tossed in, and Passionate conversation mixed throughout. Did your favorite athlete or celebrity make their point or did they completely miss it? Host, Myles David will definitely let you know!


S3E5: Just a Slice of French Bread
Show Details1hr 6min
S3E4: Lets Get Into the 2022 French Open Tournament
Show Details1hr 22min
S3E3: Rome Roundtable - Swiatek and Novak once again
Show Details1hr 35min
S3E2: Madrid Madness | Alcaraz Ascends,Jabeur Jumps Through
Show Details1hr 13min
S3E1: Is This Thing On?
Show Details26min 40s
S2E30: Recapping the 2021 Tennis Season
Show Details1hr 22min
S2E29: Coming (Back) in Hot
Show Details37min 15s
S2E28: Finally in Paradise, Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open Tournament Preview
Show Details1hr 43min
S2E27: Go Go San Diego! (and Chicago)
Show Details1hr 25min
S2E26: It's Our Anniversary! (Pt.2 Tennis Talk)
Show Details1hr 42min
S2E25: It's Our Anniversary! (Pt.1 Myles & Friends)
Show Details1hr 48min
S2E24: Wild But True, US Open 2021 in Review!
Show Details1hr 27min
S2E23: Pop a Cork, We're In New York! US Open 2021 Tournament Preview
Show Details1hr 4min
S2E22: Hindsight - Andy Roddick
Show Details1hr 14min
S2E21: Chatty in Cincinnati
Show Details1hr 23min
S2E20:We’re Going to the US Open! Are you?
Show Details52min 35s
S2E19: Casual Canadian Conversation
Show Details1hr 26min
S2E18: Swinging it to D.C. and San Jose
Show Details1hr 14min
S2E17: No Medals For Novak in Tokyo
Show Details1hr 30min
S2E16: Lets Talk About Naomi Osaka
Show Details1hr 17min
S2E15: Fashionably Late, Wimbledon 2021 Recap
Show Details1hr 37min
S2E14: Green Grass Galore; Wimbledon 2021 Preview
Show Details1hr 46min
S2E13: Familiar Foes & Fresh Faces - French Open 2021 Review
Show Details1hr 29min
S2E12: French Open 2021 Preview Ft. Ready Play Tennis Podcast
Show Details1hr 41min
S2E11: Hindsight - Maria Sharapova
Show Details1hr 24min
S2E10: Lets Get Out of Italy
Show Details1hr
S2E9: All Roads Lead to Rome
Show Details1hr 5min
S2E8: Back In The Saddle Feat. BruthasOnTennis
Show Details1hr 11min
S2E7: Reset the Room
Show Details50min 44s
S2E6: Life Sucks but, Watch The Australian Open
Show Details4min 50s
S2E5: Melbourne Madness & Mentorship Month
Show Details1hr 17min
S2E4: Heaux Tales
Show Details1hr 39min
S2E3: Tennis For Dummies
Show Details2hr 4min
S2E2: Elevating the Brand: A Conversation with XLTribe CEO, Kirklan Hawes
Show Details2hr 6min
S2E1: Influencing Authentically: A Conversation with Francis Lee Baker
Show Details1hr 45min
S1E13: A Chaotic Conclusion Featuring The Proud Family
Show Details2hr 3min
S1E12: Close Friends and Closed Channels
Show Details1hr 16min
S1E11: Put an Asterisk On It
Show Details1hr 27min
S1E10: You About to Lose Yo Job
Show Details51min 44s
S1E9: Got My Whiskey (Pt. 2) : Southern University Human Jukebox & Fabulous Dancing Dolls
Show Details1hr 20min
S1E8: Got My Whiskey (Pt. 1) : Southern University Human Jukebox & Fabulous Dancing Dolls
Show Details55min 42s
S1E7: Puffer Jackets and Busted Brackets, the 2020 French Open in Review
Show Details51min 24s
S1E6: Lies, Flies, and a Side of Black Eyes
Show Details53min 39s
S1E5: This ain't the Oscars is it? A French Open 2020 Preview
Show Details1hr 18min
S1E4: Down In the Dirty Clay
Show Details1hr 4min
S1E3: Novak Defaulted, Naomi Digs In: US Open 2020 Wrap Up
Show Details1hr 8min
S1E2: What About So Gone??
Show Details1hr 16min
S1E1: Premiere of Missing the Point with Myles David/US Open 2020 Preview Ft. Bryan Hudson
Show Details1hr 17min