Go Entrepreneur Yourself

We all know the inspiring leaders, innovators & entrepreneurs of our generation but have you ever wondered how they got started, what their business looked like before the launch, or when they got their big break? Go Entrepreneur Yourself is a new podcast about two guys interviewing entrepreneurs and leaders in different stages of their business, from up & coming to established startups. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, in the process of creating your business, or enjoy hearing stories on how entrepreneurs build their empire, then this podcast is for you.

Music by @Ikson


A FinTech Startup Educating the Latino Community on Investments and Financial Literacy: Israel Hernandez CEO & Co-Founder, Aaron Chavez CFO of Dinerazo
Show Details46min 35s
From Awkward Networking Encounters to Scaling Startups: Aaron Chavez, Founder & Managing Partner of Argent Strategies
Show Details51min 59s
A New Social Media Platform that Inspires & Cultivates a Community Around Fandoms: Jacquelle Horton, Founder & CEO of Fave
Show Details53min 26s
Scaling & Selling 2 Tech Startups to Fortune 500 Companies: Jeff Wald, Founder, angel investor, & Amazon best selling author
Show Details48min 1s
WE ARE BACK! New Co-host & what to expect from Season 2
Show Details17min 37s
Humanizing Technology for Small Businesses: Jeroen Corthout, Co Founder of Salesflare
Show Details50min 9s
From worst pitch to landing a deal on ABC's Shark Tank: Stephan Aarstol of Tower Paddleboards
Show Details54min 11s
What is a Social Media Investment Platform: Ken Mooso of PersonaFi
Show Details51min 23s
Revolutionizing how students tour colleges online: Nick Freud with Campus Reel
Show Details57min 24s
What do you want to be known for: Branding expert Brenda Ruby
Show Details49min 15s
Building a crystal empire: Jazmine & Sharique of Queendom Cultivation
Show Details42min 41s
Voting & running a political nonprofit during a pandemic: Cesar Aguilar of Arizona Students' Association
Show Details45min 10s
Building a record label: Tim Hardin of Dream Hustle Records
Show Details47min 37s
The service side of entrepreneurship: Reyna Montoya of Aliento
Show Details41min 42s
The mentor to entrepreneurs: T Paul Thomas
Show Details1hr 6min
From Wall Street to weed & booze: Rodney Hu with Yucca Tap Room & the hemp/cannabis industry
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 0 - Who is Go Entrepreneur Yourself
Show Details3min 59s
From dropping out of college to starting a business: Zulma Stevens - Immaculate Cleaning Solutions
Show Details45min 56s
An entrepreneur with a sense of humor: Empowerment Comedian Ernie G
Show Details56min 56s