Dead Boy Detectives Episodes 6 and 7 Podcast

Season 66 | Episode 4
1h 29m | May 15, 2024

We chat about the next two cases of The Dead Boy Detectives with Episodes 6 "The Case of The Creeping Forest" and 7 "The Case of The Very Long Stairway". Make sure you've watched both before listening along.

Dead Boy Detectives Episode 6 "The Case of The Creeping Forest" Details

The Dead Boy Detective Creators

Based on the characters created by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner

Executive Producers are Greg Berlanti and Neil Gaiman.

Showrunners are Steve Yockey and Beth Schwartz

Directed by Glen Winter

Written by Beth Schwartz and Oscar Balderrama


A crisis forces Crystal to improvise on the job as Monty recruits the boys to locate his missing friend - but the eerie case isn't what it seems.

Dead Boy Detectives Episode 7 "The Case of The Very Long Stairway" Details

Directed by Richard Speight Jr.

Written by Steve Yockey


When Edwin gets caught in a frightening situation, Charles relies on his best mate's meticulous notes to find him. A determined Crystal confronts her ex.

The Dead Boy Detectives Cast

George Rexstrew - Edwyn

Jayden Revri - Charles Rowland

Kassius Nelson - Crystal Palace

Briana Cuoco - Jenny Green

Ruth Connell - Night Nurse

Yuyu Kitamura - Niko Saski

Jenn Lyon - Esther Finch

David Iacono - David The Demon

Michael Beach - Tragic Mick

Lukas Gage - The Cat King

Joshua Colley - Monty

Cheech Manohar - Kashi

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Thanks for joining us for our podcast all about these two episodes of The Dead Boy Detectives. We'll be back next time with our discussion about the final episode of The Dead Boy Detectives Episode 8 ”The Case of The Hungry Snake”

Thanks so much for joining us fellow Dreamers.

John, Derek and Chris

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