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The Way Church Iloilo

The Way Church Iloilo podcast is a collection of sermons from Pastor Ryan Valenzuela.


Foundation: Jesus is The Blessing (Part 3)
Show Details53min 40s
Foundation: Completion in Christ (Part 2)
Show Details56min 32s
Foundation: The Mercy of God (Part 1)
Show Details44min 42s
This is Our Church: Commit to Serve (Part 4)
Show Details46min 57s
This is Our Church: Commit to Giving (Part 3)
Show Details1hr 2min
This is Our Church: Commit to Praise (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 10min
This is Our Church: Commitment is the Proof of Our Love (Part 1)
Show Details1hr 2min
Authority of the Believer: Winning the Battle in Your Mind (Part 5)
Show Details56min 56s
Authority of the Believer: Evil Spirits Must Submit to Authority (Part 4)
Show Details54min 56s
Authority of the Believer: You are Complete in Christ (Part 3)
Show Details1hr 7min
Authority of the Believer: Intimacy with God Increases Your Authority (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 1min
Authority of the Believer: Understanding Authority (Part 1)
Show Details59min 13s