Actsplore This

Actsplore This is a podcast for the modern day working professional. The show is hosted by Janice and Sarah-Ann, former lawyers who went on to do an MBA before pivoting careers. Each week, we pick the minds of inspiring guests who will bring you actionable insights on how you can thrive personally & professionally. From career insights, to personal development hacks, mental health chats and more, join us as we Actsplore how to create a more meaningful and fulfilled life!


EP 22: Savouring The Road Less Taken: Chemical Engineer turned Culinary Extraordinaire
Show Details40min 32s
EP 21: How To Achieve Peak Performance with Deno Hewson
Show Details44min 1s
EP 20 Welcoming 2022 : 12 Reminders for the Year (Season 2 Kickoff)
Show Details31min 10s
EP 19: 2021 - Year in Review & Season 1 Finale with Janice & Sarah-Ann
Show Details44min 28s
EP 18: Harnessing the Power of Storytelling with Jinnyboy
Show Details45min 29s
EP 17: Building a Business with a Social Justice Cause with Bryn Frere-Smith
Show Details50min 1s
EP 16: How To Combat Stress And Burnout By Managing Your Mood with Erika Ferszt
Show Details49min 7s
EP 15: Be Your Own Boss: Building Skills For A Side Hustle with Aisha Preece
Show Details37min 53s
EP 14: Navigating Ambiguity: Life After Graduation in the Pandemic with Amelia Crespo and Kevin Gitau
Show Details39min 29s
EP 13 Lets Talk Productivity: Our Go-to Habits & Toolkits with Janice & Sarah-Ann
Show Details35min 14s
EP 12: Navigating Marriage, Motherhood and a Career while Battling a Terminal Illness with Krysten Gentile
Show Details42min 36s
EP 11 : How To Cultivate Your Personal Brand with Carlii Lyon
Show Details43min 4s
EP 10 A Journey of Grit: Cinderella, Grenades & Google with Haviva Kohl
Show Details44min 2s
EP 09: Finding Acceptance after Falling Apart with Crystal Cha
Show Details48min 50s
EP 08 Career Transitions : Best Practices & Pitfalls with Renee Conklin
Show Details36min 5s
EP 07: Honing Your Craft While Enjoying The Process with Marcus van Geyzel
Show Details41min 7s
EP 06: What No One Told You About Fears & Failures with Azran Osman-Rani
Show Details49min 5s
EP 05: Career Prototyping & Non Linear Paths with Zalina Jamaluddin
Show Details30min 40s
EP 04: 6 Practical Money Principles to Up Your Personal Finance Game with Aaron Tang
Show Details40min 28s
EP 03 Let's Get Real About Mental Health with Heidy Quah
Show Details34min 4s
EP 02 Navigating Setbacks and Failures with Kevin Wu
Show Details37min 45s
EP 01 Our Story: Career Transitions & Hitting Reset
Show Details46min 13s
Introducing: Actsplore This Podcast with Janice & Sarah-Ann
Show Details6min 50s