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Banter Broadcast hosts many sports and pop culture shows including Backseat Banter and Prime Time Banter, as well as solo episodes hosted by Jonathan, Sam, Ben, and Brandon. We focus on the hottest topics in sports, music, and movies to bring a unique perspective, especially in special guest episodes with the biggest names in these industries. From athletes, to music producers, to executives and media members, this show has got you covered for all your sports and pop culture needs. Episodes uploaded twice a day everyday with special “Banter Battle” events on Saturdays.


Will Italy Be Stopped During Euro 2020? Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.176
Show Details41min 44s
Is It Coming Home? Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.175
Show Details43min 10s
France and Italy to Walk the Tournament? Off the Bar Banter S.2 E.174
Show Details51min 27s
Trae Young And Ben Simmons: A Tale Of Two Players! Banter Broadcast S.2 Ep.173
Show Details58min 49s
Euro 2020 Predictions! Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.172
Show Details45min 14s
Jazz in 5??? NBA Round 2 Preview: Banter Broadcast (FIRST EVER IN PERSON!!!) S.2 Ep. 171
Show Details55min 23s
Show Details39min 10s
Are Barcelona Making A MISTAKE In Signing Sergio Aguero? Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.169
Show Details27min 57s
PSG DISAPPOINTING Performances In The Champions League! S.2 Ep.168
Show Details26min 8s
Aaron Rodgers To QUIT The Green Bay Packers?! Banter Broadcast S.2 Ep.167
Show Details59min 23s
NFL Mock Draft 2.0 SPEEDRUN: Banter Broadcast, S.2 Ep. 166
Show Details17min
Show Details32min 50s
Why The European Super League Will FAIL! Off The Banter S.2 Ep.164
Show Details44min 6s
Can PSG Make The Champions League Final Once Again? Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.163
Show Details30min 27s
JOSE MOURINHO IS DONE! Bare Bones with Ben S.2 Ep.162
Show Details11min 20s
Reacting To The ESPN "NBA Best Under-25" List! Banter Battles S.2 Ep.161
Show Details57min 39s
Backseat Banter Update: Breakdown Banter Launching! S.2 Ep. 160
Show Details14min 50s
Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets PLAYOFF BOUND? Ben's Mock Draft! Bare Bones with Ben S.2 E.159
Show Details41min 43s
Is Erling Håland PSG BOUND? Off the Bar Banter S.2 E.158
Show Details35min 56s
The NFL Is Making A MISTAKE By Having A 17th Game! Prime Time Banter S.2 Ep.157
Show Details44min 31s
Is Justin Fields the Best QB in the NFL Draft? Banter Battles, S. 2 Ep. 156
Show Details1hr 18min
Are the Brooklyn Nets ALREADY the Greatest Team of ALL TIME? Backseat Banter S.2 Ep.155
Show Details36min 14s
Miami Dolphins are Super Bowl Bound? Bare Bones with Ben S.2 E.154
Show Details13min 56s
The John Mayer Problem: S.2 E.153
Show Details26min 51s
The Derick Anderson Interview! S.2 Ep.152
Show Details31min 46s
Will Kyle Lowery AND Nikola Nikola Vucevic Be Traded At The Trade Deadline? Banter Battles S.2 Ep.151
Show Details52min 56s
March Madness x NBA - How the NBA should change the regular season to tournaments: Backseat Banter S. 2 Ep. 150
Show Details31min 11s
UCL Quarterfinals Predictions! Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.149
Show Details28min 46s
Sebastian Lopez Talks New Album and Previews Unreleased Music Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep.148
Show Details49min 34s
Why The Miami Heat ARE Finals Contenders! Brandon's Studio S.2 Ep.147
Show Details33min 13s
Can Man City Do The Quadruple This Season? Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.146
Show Details37min 29s
Will The Patriots Big Moves In The Offseason Help Them Reach The Playoffs Once Again? Banter Battles S.2 Ep.145
Show Details1hr 18min
Former Steeler Justin Brown on Life after Football. Backseat Carpool Banter S. 2 Ep. 144
Show Details33min 30s
The NBA is BROKEN! What can be Done to Fix It? Backseat Banter S.2 Ep. 143
Show Details48min 58s
Andre Drummond To The Lakers On A Buyout? Brandon's Studio S.2 Ep.142
Show Details26min 5s
Are Ronaldo and Pirlo GONE From Juventus? UCL Recap Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.141
Show Details40min 40s
Banter Battles NBA EDITION: Which players are on the move? S.2 Ep. 140
Show Details2hr 12min
Is Drake Back? Friday's Music Drop Review! Music Banter S.2 P.139
Show Details18min 16s
Is the Number Seven DEAD at Manchester United? Prime Time Banter S.2 Ep.138
Show Details27min 38s
Who Is The Surprise Character In WandaVision? Motion Picture Banter S.2 Ep.138
Show Details27min 56s
The Mental Health of Athletes - Part 2. Interviewing A Sports Psychologist. Spotlight Banter S.2 Ep.137
Show Details35min 2s
NBA Pre-Season Predictions Revisited and All-Star Break Power Rankings Banter Broadcast S.2 Ep. 136
Show Details1hr 24min
Playing Through Pain and Other Lessons Learned from Mamba Mentality with Former Lakers Head of Athletic Training Marco Nunez Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep. 135
Show Details52min 1s
The Grammy Problem: Music Banter S.2 Ep.134
Show Details31min 2s
Where Will Victor Oladipo Go? PrimeTime Banter S.2 Ep.133
Show Details29min 9s
Is Ben Simmons THE Best Defensive Player In The NBA? BANTER BATTLES S.2 Ep.132
Show Details2hr 15min
Former President of the Houston Texans Jamey Rootes Teaches You How to Become a Better Leader Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep.131
Show Details46min 48s
Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland To Real Madrid? Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.130
Show Details41min 23s
VP of Basketball Operations for MIN John G. Thomas on The Double Standards Players face in Sports and MORE! Backseat Carpool Banter S.2 Ep. 129
Show Details50min 35s
NBA All-Star Game Snubs! BANTER BATTLES S.2 Ep.128
Show Details1hr 30min
Continuum Review! Music Banter S.2 Ep.127
Show Details22min 26s
Are Patriots Fans Over the Super Bowl? Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep.126
Show Details1hr 4min
J.J Watt Free Agency Frenzy! Primetime Banter S.2 Ep.125
Show Details35min 2s
Bryan Oringher (NBA Video Coordinator) breaks down what it takes to be an NBA Scout and Video Coordinator: Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep. 124
Show Details20min 40s
Kanye West Album Tier List! Bare Bones with Ben S.2 Ep.123
Show Details24min 31s
The Aminé Problem: Bare Bones with Ben S.2 Ep. 122
Show Details17min 20s
Is Lamar Jackson THE Best Running Quarterback? BANTER BATTLES S.2 Ep.121
Show Details51min 9s
Former NFL RB Dalton Crossan Talks Super Bowl, Ping Pong with Patrick Mahomes, and His Journey in the NFL and Beyond Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep.120
Show Details34min 42s
The NBA SHOULD NOT Have An All-Star Game! Brandon's Studio S.2 Ep.119
Show Details30min
Herbert or Brady? Lakers, Chargers, and Super Bowl talk with Simon Brady! Spotlight Banter S.2 E.118
Show Details41min 51s
The Ben Ladner Interview. Spotlight Banter S.2 Ep.117
Show Details48min 25s
BRADY GETS HIS 7th RING!!! Super Bowl Reaction: Backseat Banter S.2 Ep.116
Show Details21min 5s
What is Happening With the Quarterbacks? PrimeTime Banter S.2 Ep.115
Show Details33min 56s
Will Mahomes Pass Brady as the G.O.A.T? Should Rodgers Stay in Green Bay? BANTER BATTLES S.2 Ep. 114
Show Details1hr 4min
How to Unlock Your Full Physical and Mental Potential with Former Director of Health for the Washington Wizards Navin Hettiarachchi Backseat Carpool Banter S.2 Ep. 113
Show Details56min
Tom Brady CAN'T LOSE Super Bowl LV Backseat Banter S.2 Ep. 112
Show Details33min 30s
The Mick Livesey Interview. Spotlight Banter S.2 Ep.111
Show Details35min 36s
The Tomás Borenszteyn Interview. Spotlight Banter S.2 Ep.110
Show Details33min 39s
The Mental Health of Athletes - Part 1. What Student Athletes Go Through. Brandon's Studio S.2 Ep. 109
Show Details23min 4s
Star of Netflix's "Last Chance U" Head Coach John Beam joins The Banter Network to Talk Life Lessons Learned from Football. The Banter Network S.2 Ep. 108
Show Details54min 49s
Gary Reasons: Former NFL Super Bowl Champion for the New York Giants sits down with the backseat crew! Backseat Carpool Banter, S.2 Ep. 107
Show Details39min 55s
Damien Wilkins, Former NBA player and NBPA representative talks about his experience as a player and beyond S.2 Ep. 106
Show Details45min 32s
These Two Superstars Are On The Move!? Primetime Banter Ep.105 S.2
Show Details42min 32s
Miami Heat Legend Tony Fiorentino Breaks Down His Time With the Miami Heat! The Banter Network S.2 Ep.104
Show Details1hr 2min
The "fanzofeverton" Interview! Spotlight Banter S.2 Ep.103
Show Details39min 12s
Sacramento Rondo: The Forgotten Season - The Silber Special S.2 Ep. 102
Show Details22min 5s
Jeff Rubin Co-Founder of SportsMe Breaks Down the Hottest Topics in Sports Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep. 101
Show Details44min 42s
The 100th Episode! Banter Broadcast S.2 Ep.100
Show Details48min 49s
The "pulisic_vibes" Interview! Spotlight Banter S.2 Ep.99
Show Details28min 52s
NBA One Hit Wonders: Jeremy Lin Sam's Spin S.2 Ep. 98
Show Details22min 18s
Sebastian Lopez Music Producer Previews his new album and new song "Dame un Break"- Backseat "Carpool" Banter S. 2 Ep. 97
Show Details1hr
Mark Pattison SVP of Sports Illustrated A.K.A. "The Summit Master" Discusses His World Record Mountain Climb for Charity, His NFL Career, and Overcoming Challenges Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep.96
Show Details57min 23s
The Drake Problem: Bare Bones with Ben S.2 Ep. 95
Show Details28min 28s
Kendall Gammon, Former NFL Pro-Bowl Long Snapper: Backseat Banter "Carpool" Edition, S.2 Ep. 94
Show Details44min 56s
Liverpool Need To Sign This Player To Win The Premier League! Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.93
Show Details58min 39s
"ViceCityAlerts" Are the Miami Heat Doomed or Will They Turn it Around? Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep. 92
Show Details31min 29s
NBA and NFL Agent Frank Johnson III shares crazy Jordan stories including other great athletes as well! Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep. 91
Show Details36min 12s
What if the Knicks won the Zion Lottery? Banter Broadcast S.2 Ep. 90
Show Details41min 20s
NFC and AFC Championship Preview! Banter Broadcast S.2 Ep.89
Show Details32min 29s
Pro-Bowl Quarterback Gus Frerotte Relives His 15 Year NFL Career Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep. 88
Show Details36min 4s
Green Bay Packers Fan Page "Lambeau.Leapers" Previews NFC Championship Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep.87
Show Details32min 55s
NBA Reporter Andres Lopez's Hot Takes Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep. 86
Show Details1hr 12min
Sports Agent Ed Davis breaks down what it takes to be an Agent at Checkmate Sports. Backseat "Carpool" Banter S.2 Ep. 85
Show Details20min 38s
"Cleveland Sports Talk" Previews the Browns vs. Chiefs Matchup and the Cavs' Role in the James Harden Trade with the Backseat Crew: Backseat "Carpool" Banter- S.2, Ep. 84
Show Details40min 38s
The Disgruntled Stars of Houston. Prime Time Banter S.2 Ep. 83
Show Details39min 59s
Breaking Down the JAMES HARDEN Trade!!!! Backseat Banter S.2 Ep. 82
Show Details57min 29s
"finsdynasty" Previews the Dolphins Offseason Plans with the Backseat Crew: Backseat "Carpool" Banter - S.2, Ep. 81
Show Details34min 2s
Arsenal And Manchester United: Their Season So Far. Off The Bar Banter S.2 Ep.80
Show Details1hr 2min
What Happened to "ISO" Joe Johnson? The Silber Special S.2 Ep. 79
Show Details27min 30s
Should The NFL Adopt A Draft Lottery System? Banter Broadcast S.2 Ep.78
Show Details1hr 3min
Is To Pimp A Butterfly Better Than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? Bare Bones with Ben S:2 Ep:77
Show Details41min 37s
Can Stephen Curry Salvage the Season and Win MVP? Backseat Banter S.2 Ep. 76
Show Details52min 46s
How James Harden Broke the Game of Basketball: Sam's Spin S.2 Ep. 75
Show Details41min
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks- Which lottery team is more likely to make the playoffs? S.2 Ep. 74
Show Details1hr
Jaylen Brown should be traded to the 0-5 Wizards! NBA Talk on the Silber Special S.2 Ep. 73
Show Details21min 50s
Best Running Back in the NFL and NBA Opening Week Review- Backseat Banter ep. 72 (Season 1 Finale)
Show Details1hr 14min
Lakers vs Clippers Watchalong! Ep:71
Show Details2hr 35min
NBA Talk with Inside the Minds Podcast: Backseat "Carpool" Banter Ep. 70
Show Details42min 35s
NBA Power Rankings Entering the 2020-21 Season, Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 69
Show Details53min 42s
The Yunio Barrueta Interview with Jonathan Silber! Backseat "Carpool" Banter, Ep. 68
Show Details18min 24s
Previewing the MVP Race and Fantasy talk: The Silber Special - Backseat Banter Ep. 67
Show Details23min 54s
NBA Fantasy Mock Draft: Backseat Basketball Banter Ep.66
Show Details40min 6s
UCL Round Of 16 Predictions: Off the Bar Banter EP. 65
Show Details42min 24s
Can the Jets be Saved? ft. Armchair Analysts Podcast: Backseat Banter "Carpool Edition" Ep. 64
Show Details37min 22s
NBA Pre Season Hot Takes! Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 63
Show Details59min
Champions League Group Stage Reaction and Review: Off the Bar Banter EP. 62
Show Details42min 49s
Can Mahomes be the GOAT? ft. Iggy Sports Talk "Carpool" Banter: Ep. 61
Show Details1hr 14min
Are the Pittsburgh Steelers Contenders or Pretenders?: Backseat Banter: Football Ep. 60
Show Details1hr 30min
The Vice City Alerts Interview: Backseat Banter Ep.59
Show Details45min 58s
Fantasy Basketball Breakdown: Anthony Davis Should Be The Number Pick?: Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 58
Show Details1hr 9min
NBA What Ifs: What if Ray Allen Missed in 2013?: Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 57
Show Details48min 23s
NBA Blockbuster Trade: Russell Westbrook for John Wall: Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 56
Show Details54min 50s
The Andres Lopez Interview - NBA Reporter's Crazy Stories: Backseat Banter Ep. 55
Show Details40min 31s
NBA Hot Takes and Predictions [Embiid MVP] Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 54
Show Details1hr 4min
Does LeBron Make The NBA Mount Rushmore?: Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 53
Show Details1hr 17min
What Manchester United Needs To Do In Order To Win!: Off The Bar Banter Ep.52
Show Details51min 10s
Analyzing Free Agency Frenzy! Backseat Banter Ep. 51
Show Details1hr 15min
Messi VS Ronaldo In The Premier League?!: Off The Bar Banter Ep.50
Show Details56min 40s
Is Milwaukee Making Moves To Please Giannis? Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 49
Show Details57min 20s
NBA Free Agency Rumors Backseat Banter: Basksetball Ep. 48
Show Details54min 9s
2020 NBA Mock Draft Picks P.2 Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 47
Show Details1hr 9min
Dolphins x Cardinals Game of the YEAR! Backseat Banter: Football Ep. 46
Show Details56min 41s
2020 NBA Mock Draft Picks P.1 Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 45
Show Details1hr 11min
Revisiting the 2015 NBA Draft Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 44
Show Details47min 53s
NBA Moratorium is LIFTED!!! Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 43
Show Details58min 48s
Is James Harden To The 76ers Realistic? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 42
Show Details52min 34s
Is D.K. Metcalf a Top 5 Receiver? (Week 8 NFL Review) Backseat Banter: Football EP. 41
Show Details1hr 3min
J.J Watt To The Steelers? Backseat Banter: Football EP. 40
Show Details47min 6s
Which QB wins OROY? Breaking down NFL Week 7. Backseat Banter: Football EP. 39
Show Details56min 48s
Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield To Be In The New Spider-Man Movie? Backseat Banter: Motion Picture EP.38
Show Details43min 24s
NFL Week 6 Review Backseat Banter: Football Ep.37
Show Details1hr 1min
Russell Westbrook To The New York Knicks? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP.36
Show Details48min 23s
Manchester United To Not Make The Round Of 16? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP.35
Show Details53min 18s
Can The Miami Dolphins Actually Make The Playoffs This Year? Backseat Banter: Football EP.34
Show Details49min 2s
NFL Week 5 in Review. Backseat Banter: Football EP. 33
Show Details39min 55s
Our Top 15 Players In The NBA Today, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 32
Show Details1hr 4min
Lakers are NBA Champs (Reaction!), Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 31
Show Details27min 44s
Can Miami be the only not Lebron led team to come back from 3-1 in the finals? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 30
Show Details36min 54s
NFL Week 4 in Review, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 29
Show Details58min 42s
Can Miami Upset The Los Angles Lakers, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 28
Show Details1hr 23min
Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 27
Show Details43min 50s
Jessie Lingard for Dele Alli Swap?!? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP. 26
Show Details1hr 6min
Who is the New Big Bad in MARVEL's Cinematic Universe? Backseat Banter: Motion Picture EP. 25
Show Details1hr
Clippers Collapse and Conference Finals Preview, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 24
Show Details1hr 24min
NFL Week 1 Review, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 23
Show Details56min 3s
What's Next for the Bucks? Time for a Crazy Trade? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 22
Show Details1hr 7min
The Vincenzo Candela Interview, Backseat Banter: Carpool EP. 21
Show Details49min 29s
Backseat Banter Fantasy Football League Draft, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 20
Show Details1hr 28min
Who Will Manchester United Sign? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP. 19
Show Details56min 8s
Miami Heat: Past, Present, and Future, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 18
Show Details1hr 30min
Donovan Mitchell VS Nikola Jokić: Who Would You Start A Franchise With? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 17
Show Details1hr 2min
Messi to Leave Barcelona? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP. 16
Show Details1hr 2min
Who Will Win the Champions League Final? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 15
Show Details41min 46s
Can the MLS Become the New Developmental League? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP. 12
Show Details35min 18s
Reaction to Madden Ratings, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 13
Show Details37min 33s
What is the Future of Sports? Backseat Banter: General Talks EP. 14
Show Details32min 41s
Round 1 Matchups, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 11
Show Details1hr 51min
2020 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Predictions, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 10
Show Details52min 20s
NBA All Bubble MVP, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 9
Show Details1hr 11min
What if the Suns Drafted Luka Doncic? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 8
Show Details1hr 20min
Who Had the Greatest Regular Season Ever? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 7
Show Details1hr 9min
NBA Expansion Draft, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 6
Show Details46min 31s
NBA Awards Show, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 5
Show Details1hr 7min
NBA Bubble Season Preview, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 4
Show Details1hr 21min
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 10 Team Standard, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 3
Show Details43min 54s
Will the 2019-2020 Championship Even Count? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 2
Show Details52min 1s
Will the G-League Replace the NCAA? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 1
Show Details59min 7s
Introduction to the Podcast, Backseat Banter: EP.0
Show Details2min 31s