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Inside the Podcast Studio

Behind the scenes interviews with successful Independent Podcasters - to inspire you to take your show to the next level! Each week we dig deep into the backstory, creation process, numbers, revenue and more, with some of the coolest independent podcasters out there. We're talking download numbers, how they actually craft their episodes, how they make money, their biggest mistakes, their top tips to help you take your show to the next level and much much more!


12 - the Real Podcaster's Journey w/ Allison Hare (Culture Changers)
Show Details56min 6s
11 - How To Prepare Guests For Your Podcast w/ Jeff Boopathy (Jeff's Podcast Academy)
Show Details58min 21s
10 – Clubhouse for Podcasters w/ Meiko Patton (Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast)
Show Details30min 51s
9 - Repurposing Your Podcast Content, How to Get Your Audience Excited & the Importance of Sharing Your Journey w/ Lauren Popish (the Wave Podcasting)
Show Details57min 31s
8 - The Benefits of Re-Releasing Episodes, Working in Seasons & Serving Your Audience w/ Anne Claesson (the Podcast Babes)
Show Details51min 23s
7 - Making Connections & Building Relationships Through Your Podcast w/ Sheriston & Aman of Generation Hustle
Show Details50min 12s
6 – It’s Okay to Quit Your Podcast w/ Kaz McClintock of Building a Better Body
Show Details33min 51s
5 – Growing Your Audience, Establishing Authority & The Value of Great Content w/ Jason Cercone of Pod Theory
Show Details51min 32s
4 - Green-lighting Your Curiosity & the Art of the Interview w/ Dallas Taylor of Twenty Thousand Hertz
Show Details1hr 9min
3 - Overcoming Perfection & the Art Of Curiosity w/ Cindy Robinson of the Kid Factory
Show Details42min 59s
2 - Podcasting to Promote Your Business w/ Austin Betzer of the How To Build an App Podcast
Show Details42min 22s
1 - a Podcasting Masterclass w/ Travis Brown of Podcast Builder Club
Show Details48min 22s
Side Note: You're Never Too Small to Book Your BIG Guest
Show Details5min 36s
Show Details1min 28s
Inside the Podcast Studio: Trailer
Show Details48s