The Weekly Warrior Podcast

Welcome to The Weekly Warrior where we are forging genuine human connection through nature, fitness, mindset, and sensible nutrition.

We are three amigos brewing up discussion and offering insights to move towards fulfillment in life. We explore new age concepts as well as discuss historical figures who have left their mark on the world.

From these discussions, we lay out action plans and pieces for you to implement in your life so you may always continue to learn, grow, and discover your warrior within.


113 - The No BS Guide to Intermittent Fasting
Show Details54min 38s
112 - The Best Cure for Muscle Soreness
Show Details43min 43s
111 - The Hardcore Life of Sir Christopher Lee
Show Details32min 13s
110 - The Unexpected History of Christmas
Show Details18min 11s
109 - The Electric Life of Nikola Tesla
Show Details42min 23s
108 - The Empowered Life of Mary Ellen Pleasant
Show Details25min 10s
107 - The Three Pillars of Health
Show Details1hr 2min
106 - The Surprising Benefits of Matcha
Show Details33min 53s
105 - The Dramatic Fall of the American Buffalo
Show Details1hr 14min
104 - The Triumphant Life of Togo
Show Details44min 44s
103 - The Conservational Life of John Muir
Show Details52min 13s
102 - The Neighborly Life of Fred McFeely Rogers
Show Details27min 7s
101 - [rapidfire] 100 Good Things to Make You Smile
Show Details1hr 3min
100 - The Wedding
Show Details56min 43s
099 - Mountain’s, Starting Fires, and Mother Earth
Show Details42min 32s
098 - Top Exercises to Crush Your Hikes
Show Details33min 38s
097 - 10 Must Haves for a Quick Camping Trip
Show Details14min 21s
096 - The Top 3 Butt Exercises for Aesthetics and Athletics
Show Details33min 38s
095 - Fear, Motivation, and Change
Show Details38min 50s
094 - Why A Positive Attitude and An Open Mind Will Bring Massive Change
Show Details29min 15s
093 - Prioritize Your Way To Fulfillment with Kevin Mueller
Show Details30min 13s
092 - Being Intentional in Your Relationships
Show Details34min 8s
091 - Pet Peeves and Irrational Fears
Show Details18min 45s
090 - Hey! Your Ego is in the Way.
Show Details28min 20s
089 - Bring Your Goals to Life
Show Details33min 53s
088 - Becoming An Adaptable Super Human
Show Details41min 50s
087 - The Conference Room Cookie
Show Details22min 52s
086 - So, You Moved In Together?
Show Details44min 16s
085 - A Trek Through Yosemite
Show Details15min 30s
084 - Finding Success Through Failure
Show Details43min 9s
083 - The Warrior’s Why
Show Details35min 40s
082- #75Hard: A Warrior’s Update
Show Details29min 51s
081- Apocalypse Fitness: An Evaluation of Natural Movement Method
Show Details46min 46s
080 - State of Star Wars
Show Details58min 14s
079 - We're Doing 75 Hard, You Should Too.
Show Details36min 3s
078 - Moving Forward from An Attack On Democracy
Show Details51min 54s
077- Real F@$%#!*# Food with Mike Fleming
Show Details48min 24s
076 - Rubbing Your Magic Lamp
Show Details37min 45s
075 - Beavers, Risks, and Moving Companies.
Show Details37min 44s
074 - A Warriors Guide To Lasting Happiness
Show Details34min 44s
073- Fighting for More Than Yourself with Irish McGee
Show Details52min 20s
072 - You Should Know These Rugby Fitness Tests
Show Details37min 18s
071- Nutrition on a Budget
Show Details28min 45s
070 - COVID Cancelled My Season
Show Details42min 17s
069 - Optimizing Your Collegiate Career
Show Details44min 9s
068 - The Naked History of Rugby
Show Details41min 6s
067- Pre-Game Nutrition
Show Details19min 13s
066- Harvesting Your Gameday Mindset
Show Details38min 7s
065- The Rugby Warrior
Show Details36min 2s
064- The Diet Dichotomy with Jared Hamilton
Show Details1hr 1min
063- A Warrior’s Bookshelf PT. 3
Show Details21min 3s
062- A Warriors Bookshelf PT. 2
Show Details20min 39s
061- A Warrior’s Bookshelf PT. 1
Show Details24min 25s
060- The Power of Choice
Show Details51min 31s
059 - SISU: Creating the Ultimate Rugby Athlete
Show Details33min 7s
058- The History of Whiskey (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 10min
057 - The History of Whiskey (Part 1)
Show Details51min 15s
056- Improve Your Life with N. E. A. T.
Show Details29min 1s
055- Motor City Axe w/ David George
Show Details53min 50s
054- Investing In Local, Sustainable, and Healthful Food with Farmer Luke Eising
Show Details48min 20s
053- Unique Solutions for Mindless Eating
Show Details25min 54s
052 - The War Against Toxic Products
Show Details1hr 6min
051 - The Backpackers Guide to the Outdoors
Show Details51min 55s
050 - Professional Tips for Exercise Recovery (Part 2)
Show Details33min 43s
049 - Professional Tips for Exercise Recovery (Part 1)
Show Details37min 54s
048- Overcome Your Excuses
Show Details49min 59s
047- Ian Sturgeon: The Double Under Wizard
Show Details40min 14s
046 - Becoming a High Achiever
Show Details39min 1s
045 - Conflict Management Styles
Show Details41min 8s
044 - 10 Manly Deeds for a Happy Relationship
Show Details36min 27s
043- Balancing Cynicism and Compassion in National Defense
Show Details47min 59s
042 - Sleep, Waking Up Early, and The Mamba Mentality
Show Details49min 50s
041- Overcome Your Inner Perfectionist
Show Details53min 59s
040- Simple Strategies for Practicing Mindfulness
Show Details33min 20s
039 - How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset
Show Details49min 21s
038 - The 3 P’s of Progress
Show Details36min 8s
037 - Cultivating Hobbies for Life
Show Details26min 21s
036 - Forging Your Best Year
Show Details44min 9s
035 - Why Comfort Foods are Key
Show Details33min 31s
034 - How a Warrior Does Holidays
Show Details40min 23s
033- My Time With Teddy
Show Details57min 59s
032 - The Benefits of Doing the Small Things
Show Details48min 59s
031 - B Minus Benefits
Show Details26min 46s
030 - Putting the Warrior in Your Weekend
Show Details40min 39s
A Warrior Preview with Cory
Show Details6min 58s
029 - The Motor City Resurgence with Jared and Cory
Show Details44min 41s
028 - Group Training vs Solo Training w/ Conner, Cory and Jared
Show Details46min 9s
027 - How to Make Bold Moves with Conner, Cory, and Jared
Show Details56min 41s
026 - A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Show Details32min 39s
025 - Coaching Call with Jared Hamilton
Show Details53min
[MINISODE] 20 questions with Bonez and Cory
Show Details23min 10s
024 - A Viking History with Cory and Jared
Show Details31min 47s
023 - Start Your Day Happy with Kevin Evans
Show Details33min 48s
022 - The Art of the American Road Trip with Cory Mueller
Show Details47min 42s
021- Shooting The Boot with Dallas Kempton
Show Details54min 32s
020 - The Future of Fitness with Dr. Sean Pastuch
Show Details1hr 7min
[MINISODE] 20 Questions in 20 minutes with Cory and Conner
Show Details17min 18s
019 - Choosing Your Must with Niki Corcoran
Show Details1hr 4min
[Minisode] 20 Questions with Cory and Conner
Show Details20min 23s
018 - After Competition Ends with Nicole Batway
Show Details1hr 1min
017 - The Positive Effects of Experiencing Struggle with Christoper Leone
Show Details1hr 17min
016 - Thriving With Terminal Illness w/ Kyle Tanner
Show Details1hr 5min
015 - Create Your Daily Flow: A Beginners Guide to Meditation w/ Lynn Curry
Show Details52min 48s
014 - Kicking Ass and Doing Math with Brian/“Bri The Math Guy”.
Show Details51min 43s
013 - Social Media Minimalism w/ Jared, Conner and Cory
Show Details59min 7s
012 - From Crisis to Creation: A Tale of Reinventing Your Passion w/ Kevin Mueller
Show Details54min 27s
011 - Conquering Burnout with Conner, Cory, and Jared
Show Details58min 42s
010 - The Art of Hiking and Human Triumph with Ryan Brown
Show Details47min 47s
009 - Whole Ass It: An Engineer’s Guide to Pursuing Your Passion with Jeremy Worthington
Show Details32min 36s
008 - The Power of Gratitude with Jared Hamilton
Show Details1hr 7min
007 - The Three C’s of Coaching
Show Details47min 21s
006 - Trust The Process, Not The Outcome
Show Details59min 9s
005: Juggling Your Life (by the) Balls
Show Details1hr 1min
004: Rugby, Relationships, and Would You Rather
Show Details27min 54s
003 - The Slow Way is the Fast Way
Show Details56min 21s
002 - The 5 Super Powers
Show Details1hr 1min
001 - The Weekly Warrior Intro
Show Details34min 19s