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People with Passion for Pets

We are passionate about pets and enjoy talking with others who share our love for animals. Our interviews are with people who create a product, service, business or lifestyle out of the love for pets.

We are Jim and Bee Walker, bestselling authors of "Keep Your Paws on the Road - A Practical Guide to Traveling with Dogs" and we share the adventure of life with our dogs Apollo and Heidi. For our dog friendly travel tips, product reviews and dog training tips, join us at!

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Remote Energy Healings for Pets with Mark Adams
Show Details24min 59s
Used Children's Toys Help Raise Funds for Shelter Animals with Marianne Ahern
Show Details13min 34s
Scarlett the Talking Dog with Dianne Keck
Show Details26min 9s
Best App for Traveling with Dogs - The DogPack App
Show Details14min 3s
PupPod: New Interactive Dog Toy and Training Aid with Erick Eidus
Show Details18min
Save Your Pet From the Danger of Pet Suffocation with Bonnie Harlan
Show Details12min 39s
Take Awesome Pet Pictures with Kimberly Carrillo
Show Details20min 37s
Natural Healthy Chews for Your Dog - Durkha Chews w/ Neil Pokharel
Show Details13min 44s
Dog On Water Ramp for Boats, Docks and Pools with Kannyn MacRae
Show Details15min 2s
Prepare Your Pet for Emergency Evacuation with the Pet Evac Pak
Show Details21min 35s
Meet Spencer Quinn, Author of the Chet and Bernie Mysteries
Show Details16min 41s
Dog Collar Safety with Lynette Smith
Show Details32min 40s
Animal Communication with Mary Paulette
Show Details35min 52s
Pets in the Afterlife with Author Brandon Wainwright
Show Details24min 7s
How Stress and Change Affect our Pets - with The Animal Files Podcast
Show Details26min 9s
Seizures in Dogs - Causes and Treatments with Veterinary Doctor Josh Sosnow
Show Details16min 45s
Happiness Is Listening to Your Dog Snore with Sandra Murphy
Show Details13min 19s
A New Kind of Animal Therapy with Tosha Tharp
Show Details29min 20s
TV Made Especially for Dogs with DogTV Creator Ron Levi
Show Details23min 15s
Phoenix Area Disc Dogs - learn more about the dog sport with Carol Conti
Show Details27min 2s
Pet First Aid and CPR With Captain Sue Rutledge
Show Details42min 42s
All about Agility Dog Training with Julie Montilla
Show Details21min 53s
Adventure Gear for Dogs with Embark Pets' Jim Cissel
Show Details23min 47s
Teaching Children Dog Training with 4H Leader Laurie Tully
Show Details27min 6s
Physical Therapy for Dogs with FitWoof Jan Robinson
Show Details20min 7s
Walkee Paws First Leggings for Dogs with Lisa Baronoff
Show Details18min 11s
Giving Animals a Voice - The Kit Bull Story with Angela Lambru
Show Details23min 27s
Blueberry Bear Tales with Childrens Book Author Eileen Pieczonka
Show Details14min 1s
Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Judy Stolz
Show Details24min 35s
Travel US National Parks with Your Dog with The Dog in Us
Show Details24min 53s
Train Your Own Service Dog with Myra Markley
Show Details25min 59s
Cellular Exercise through PEMF Therapy for Pets with Wendy Claytor
Show Details25min 7s
Heal Your Dog with Food - with Dr Judy Morgan DVM
Show Details37min 37s
Why We Should Socialize Cats like Dogs with Animal Behavior Consultant Carrie Seay
Show Details28min 51s
Christian and Scooby Acrobatic Show
Show Details34min 10s
The Pet Lady - with Pet PR Expert Dana Humphrey
Show Details19min 12s
We Heart Hounds - Online Hub for Dog Lovers with Patti Quinn and Hilary Buchholz
Show Details23min 47s
Rattlesnake Ready with Cody Will - Protect Your Dog from Deadly Encounters
Show Details33min 57s
Walkin' Pets Mobility Equipment for Pets with Mark Robinson
Show Details26min 50s
Tractive GPS Tracker for Pets - with Andrew Bleiman
Show Details27min 28s
DoggyRade - First Isotonic Drink for Dogs with Arie Halpern
Show Details30min 4s
Bully Buddy from Bow Wow Labs - with Johnna Devereaux
Show Details30min 35s
The Senior Pet Movement with Megan Weaver
Show Details31min 46s
Dope Dog - CBD Dog Treats with Erin Mastopietro
Show Details23min 36s
Custom Dog Decals by NickerSticker - With Anine Colaire
Show Details23min 24s
Woofers and Whiskers - Life Time Guaranteed Pet Products
Show Details16min 7s
Dog Is Good - with Gila Kurtz
Show Details19min 20s
Gone to the Snow Dogs - Life with Huskies
Show Details35min 52s
Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium Charles Peden
Show Details39min 49s
CBD for Dogs - what every dog owner should know - with Brad Malin
Show Details27min 21s
Happy Bond with Anja Skodda
Show Details27min 10s