Jez Verweij | LIFE in Switzerland, BANKING Sector and CONSPIRACY THEORIES

1h 53m | Jan 1, 2024

BioHackers Podcast #51 - Jez Verweij

We welcome a special guest, Jez Verweij. Jez's journey is a captivating story of growth and discovery. Born and raised in Belgium, he embarked on a globe-trotting educational adventure, leading him to a fulfilling career in Switzerland.

Discover Jez's path from his neighborhood, shared with our host Dylan, to the halls of higher learning across Europe. Jez pursued an English-taught program in International Business Management, followed by a major in Finance in Germany - all amidst the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. His subsequent internship in Sweden adds another fascinating chapter to his story.

Dive into Jez's insights on life in Switzerland, covering not just the workings of pensions and banking but also exploring the unique Swiss mentality and privileges. His perspective on living in one of the world's most renowned financial hubs is enlightening.

Intriguingly, Jez sheds light on some of Switzerland’s most intriguing aspects: the widespread existence of bunkers and hidden armaments in the mountains. These insights provide a rare glimpse into a lesser-known side of Swiss life.

The conversation takes a global turn as we discuss topics like the impact of the coronavirus and delve into conspiracy theories that span from UFOs to South Korea. Jez's international experiences bring a unique depth to these discussions.

Whether you're a finance enthusiast, a culture buff, or simply love a good mystery, BioHackers Podcast #51 with Jez Verweij is a must-listen. Available now on Spotify, YouTube, and other podcast platforms – immerse yourself in this episode full of international intrigue and Swiss secrets!

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