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5 New Rider Mistakes and Bad Habits To Avoid On All Motorcycles
Show Details34min 22s
Best Dual Sport Motorcycles For Everyone Especially New Riders
Show Details29min 3s
New Riders And ATGATT What The Hell Is It? Shut Your Mouth!
Show Details30min 20s
Yamaha What Are You Doing? New Riders Great Bike Choices
Show Details24min 39s
Social Media And Motorcycles What A Joke! Sad Days InDeed
Show Details40min 35s
Social Media Be Careful and Great New Rider Adventure Motorcycles
Show Details32min 24s
New Riders / Street Riders, I Just Got A Dual Sport Motorcycle Now What? This Might Help
Show Details27min 12s
Why I Think Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycles Are The Best Of All Motorcycle
Show Details18min 18s
Want To Get Into Dual Sporting and Adv Camping? Better Think Of These This!
Show Details22min 30s
Why I Feel Large Adventure Bikes Are A Bad Idea For A First Dual Sport
Show Details17min 55s
Dual Sport Adventure Travel Camping Off Your Bike, What Tent Are You Taking? Maybe I Can Help?
Show Details21min 44s
So You Want To Dual Sport? What Should You Get? I Have a Few Good Ideas!
Show Details23min
Harley Davidson and the New Pan American Adventure Motorcycle What Do You Think? Here is What I Think About It!
Show Details24min 25s
Dual Sport Adventure Riding and Preparation Before And While On Your Trip! You Can Never Be To prepared.
Show Details25min 44s
Perfect New Rider Dual Sport Motorcycles That Fits Any Budget And Too Much Fun To Ride!
Show Details18min 59s
Motorcycle Maintenance Do You Take Care Of Your Battery? Here Is a Great Way To MAke Sure It Starts Every Time!
Show Details11min 37s
Adventure Motorcycles vs. Dual Sport Motorcycles, Know The Difference So You Don't Get The Wrong Bike!
Show Details25min 7s
Adventure Riding For New and Intermediate Riders Better think Of These Things Before You Do It!
Show Details18min 51s
New Riders Small & Tall Best Dual Sport Motorcycles
Show Details1hr 3min
When the Adventure Is almost over How does it make you feel?
Show Details12min 14s
The Greatest Motorcycle Accessory Period! With Chip and Joe
Show Details32min 56s
EP_95 Dual Sport Adventure Trips The Worst is What You Will Always Remember!
Show Details26min 32s
EP_96 Older Dual Sport Motorcycles, Why are Certain Riders So Bias of Theirs?
Show Details29min 28s
EP_97 Life is Short and So Are a Lot of Dual Sport Adventure Riders!
Show Details25min 36s
EP_98 There is More to Life Than Just Motorcycles!
Show Details17min 56s
EP_ 99 Bikes, Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes with Special Guest Chip Monahan
Show Details1hr 31min
EP 93 Girl and Female Rider Guest Bonnie Johnson we talk Motorcycles & Adventure Cooking
Show Details1hr 3min
EP 92 Buddies That Yell At There Phones & Dual Sport Motorcycle GPS Units
Show Details35min 1s
EP 91 New Riders What's the Better Option Buying or Purchasing a New Motorcycle or Just Get a Used One? Things to think about.
Show Details24min 12s
EP 90 Dual Sport Adventure Mapping and Great Places To See That Are Close To HOME!
Show Details30min 58s
EP 89 Dual Sport Motorcycle Info and everyone is an EXPERT! Becareful on who you listen too!
Show Details21min 27s
EP 88 Corona Virus Got You Locked Up From Dual Sporting? Maybe Think About This to DO! Almost Free
Show Details19min 2s
EP 87 Action Cameras what is the best? Gopro Right? Not So Fast Here is My Favorite and why!
Show Details30min 54s
EP 86 New and Wanting to Dual Sport or Adventure Ride? You Might Want to Listen To This Podcast...
Show Details28min 38s
EP 85 Dual Sport Motorcycles and the Steering Stabilizer is it worth it?
Show Details25min 51s
EP 84 Dual Sport Adventure Moto Trailers Better Than Racks and Panniers?
Show Details28min 59s
EP 83 You Only Get One Last Trip and Bike Where Do You Go and On What Bike? and Why?
Show Details28min 18s
EP 82 Adventure Motorcycle Travel Your Home away from Home, What Will You Take?
Show Details25min 16s
EP 81 It Ain't A Moto Adventure Till Something Goes Wrong.....
Show Details18min 34s
EP 79 Oh No! The Apocalypse is upon us, what motorcycle do you get and why? mine might surprise you
Show Details24min 55s
EP 78 Dual Sport Adventure Trips things to think about before you head out!
Show Details15min 41s
EP 77 Motorcycle Adventure Riding / Camping and Safety Protection tips also what do you do?
Show Details14min 21s
EP 76 Dual Sport Adventures and when the weather gets bad, what do you do?
Show Details13min 53s
EP75 KTM 690 Enduro R FAT Pig it is not and I am Gonna tell you WHY!
Show Details15min 17s
EP74 Milan Motorcycle Show and all the new toys coming, at least the ones I want!
Show Details12min 17s
EP 73 KTM / Husky and the Motorcycle show! also what happended to the thursday podcast?
Show Details18min 13s
EP 72 Motorcycle Riding at Night things to think about to be safe for new riders!
Show Details11min 13s
EP 71 Dual Sport vs. Family and the winner is?
Show Details7min 24s
EP 70 Dual Sport Luggage whats the best choice for Off Road?
Show Details14min 51s
EP 69 Dual Sport Camping It is The One Thing I love When I Get To Camp!
Show Details12min 45s
EP 68 Dual Sport Adventures what do you overthink and pack? I'll tell you some of mine!
Show Details12min 29s
Ep 67 Finding my adventure close to home, so can you!
Show Details28min 8s
EP 66 Dual Sport Adventure Trips do you Feel Like a Little Kid Before You GO?
Show Details13min 5s
EP 65 Dual Sport Tires so many of them more expensive is always better right?
Show Details16min 50s
EP 64 Dual Sport Adventures What's better Dry Food of Fresh on the Camping Trip?
Show Details15min 45s
EP 63 New Rider Happiness get me Excited, how about you? Women riders
Show Details8min 21s
EP 61 Dual Sport Adventure Travel Slow Down MAN! See what you are missing!
Show Details21min 11s
EP 60 5 Must Upgrades Needed for Every Dual Sport or Adventure Motorcycle
Show Details13min 5s
EP 59 Motorcycle Wives and They Deserve More Love Than They GET! Love my WIFE!
Show Details9min 10s
EP 57 The Honda CRF250L Motorcycle Probably The Perfect Choice for New Riders.
Show Details20min 2s
EP 56 Motorcycle Adventure Camp Must Haves and Do You Have One Like Me!
Show Details10min 4s
EP 55 Moto Bug, Be Careful Untreated that thing can get infected!
Show Details26min 4s
EP 54 Finally Got You A Dual Sport Motorcycle Now What? New Riders
Show Details20min 53s
EP 53 Suzuki Vstrom Things you want to know if you want to go buy one!
Show Details29min 56s
EP 52 Get Your Dual Sport Motorcycle in Some Dirt even in the City
Show Details11min 1s
EP 51 KTM 690 Enduro R Why I Bought One Over So Many Other Motorcycles? Likes and Dislikes
Show Details27min 51s
EP 50 Motorcycle Safety Tip! Things to Think About When Riding in Groups
Show Details14min 21s
EP 49 Motorcycle Dealerships or Stealerships are there any you can trust?
Show Details29min 15s
EP 48 Adventure Motorcycles What makes them so Appealing and Why Would You Want One!
Show Details20min 57s
EP 47 Dual Sport Riding and Meeting New Riders can be Awesome! You should try it.
Show Details14min 33s
EP 46 Adventure Travel Dual Sport Motorcycle New Rider tips before you go!
Show Details16min 54s
EP 45 Dual Sport Grandaddy Motorcycle You Cannot ever go wrong with buying! The KLR650
Show Details16min 51s
EP 44 Dual Sport Riding Adventures, Yep it could be in your own backyard!
Show Details10min 48s
EP 43 Dual Sport Group Riding all the great benefits of it!
Show Details10min 19s
EP 42 Dual Sport tip to ride in the heat and not perish! Hydrate
Show Details12min 58s
EP 41 Dual Sport Group Riding is it for you? Pitfalls of groups
Show Details12min 4s
EP 40 Dual Sport Adventures Tip Dont Get Stranded Pack This!
Show Details10min 57s
EP 39 Great Inexpensive Dual Sport Motorcycles for local commuting and trail riding
Show Details17min 47s
EP 38 Motorcycle Adventure Destination whats makes more sense? Trailer or Ride?
Show Details15min 1s
EP 37 Motorcycle knowledge and learning, don't be a know it all!
Show Details19min 12s
EP 36 Dual Sport Adventures Problems and how to get your mind right on the Trail!
Show Details13min 23s
EP 35 Dual Sport New rider Pitfalls and common mistakes made how to avoid!
Show Details28min 23s
EP 34 Social Media and Most Motorcycle Riders What the Heck is Wrong?
Show Details22min 44s
EP 33 Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding in Hot weather Hydrate or DIE!
Show Details17min 9s
EP 32 Dual Sport Riding Some of the Best! Houston we have found MARS!
Show Details23min 56s
EP 31 Motorcycle tips using your brakes to better a rider
Show Details12min 58s
EP 30 Dual Sport Riding Standing Up on your Motorcycle why?
Show Details11min 25s
EP 29 Best Dual Sport Helmet under $200 period
Show Details14min 14s
EP 28 Dual Sport Motorcycle Chain Lube You Might Want to try THIS!
Show Details14min 2s
EP 27 Motorcycle Fear things to help you conquer it!
Show Details29min 21s
EP 26 Action Cameras The myth of what's the best one! What Should you Get
Show Details16min 14s
EP 25 ADV Bike, Dual Sport Bike, Enduro Bike what's the difference?
Show Details19min 32s
EP 24 Dual Sport Adventure Camping, The Finer things of life!
Show Details13min 37s
EP 23 Top 5 Dual Sport bikes for the new rider Hands Down
Show Details18min 22s
EP 22 Dual Sport Girls and adventure traveling with guest Bonnie Johnson
Show Details20min 43s
EP 21 Dual sport communication systems in your helmet are they worth it_
Show Details24min
EP 20 Dual Sport Motorcycle Mojo, does it exist_ What is the Mojo
Show Details11min 18s
EP 19 Dual Sport Adventure camping what will be your home on your trip?
Show Details13min 31s
EP 18 KTM Motorycles are they really worth the hype? worth the money?
Show Details20min 27s
EP 17 Dual Sport Rally's do you do them or should you?
Show Details7min 30s
EP 16 Dual Sport Maintenance the joys of the Oil Change!
Show Details14min 27s
EP 15 Ride Street? and want to do Dual Sport and Dirt? Things you might want to think about!
Show Details24min 25s
EP 14 Honda CRF250L or CRF250 Rally whats the difference and what one to buy
Show Details17min 58s
EP 13: Dual Sport MotorCycle why you need to go get one!
Show Details18min 4s
EP 12: Dual Sport Adventure Tires why is it a big deal what should you buy?
Show Details24min 56s
EP 11: Dual Sport Enduro tank bags, you really should have one in your gear!
Show Details13min 8s
EP 10: Dual Sport Adventures for the love of the dirt!
Show Details11min 47s
EP 09: Dual Sport Know your bike, this is why!
Show Details20min 45s
EP 08: Dual Sport Rider Safety tips there is no thing as a red light!
Show Details14min 28s
EP 07: Dual Sport Adventure luggage what to think about before you buy
Show Details19min 38s
EP 06 New to Dual Sport? Get a 250CC one, here is why?
Show Details13min 46s
EP 06: New to Dual Sport? Get a 250CC one, here is why?
Show Details13min 46s
EP: 05 Adventure travel great tips on how to do your own adventure or be part of one!
Show Details32min 56s
EP 05: Adventure travel great tips on how to do your own adventure or be part of one!
Show Details32min 56s
EP 04: Weather and motorcycle riding, special guest Shane Adams Severe Storm Chaser
Show Details32min 24s
EP 003 : ​Adventure Motorcycle Touring Buddies, Life long Friends. How to avoid a bad Moto Trip.
Show Details41min 11s
EP 002: Motorcycle Video / Podcast Haters Beware we are calling you out!
Show Details21min 59s
EP 001 : New Male and Female Riders yes you can do it, just believe in yourself and you might be surprised! ​
Show Details21min 37s
Radio 690ADV Dual Sport Motorcycle Channel What is it about? Why are we doing it?
Show Details3min 44s
Radio 690ADV Dual Sport Motorcycle Channel What is it about? Why are we doing it?
Show Details3min 44s