305: Slop Season

1h 39m | May 17, 2024

Whelp. It's time to put a coda on the 2024 Cavalier post-season, and all in all, your favorite Cavs: the Blog bloggers were at peace with it. Without Donovan Mitchell, Jarrett Allen, and Caris LeVert, the Cavs dropped games 3, 4, and 5 to the Celtics, but I think all of us here at Cavs: the Blog felt proud of the way the Cavs fought to the end and never gave up in their final series of the season. 

To take stock of it all, Chris Francis, Elijah Kim, and Nate Smith booked some time in the CtB podcast studios and broke down the series and the players and what went right and what went wrong in the post-season. As is tradition, the post-season was yet another referendum on J.B. Bickerstaff's coaching tenure with the Cavaliers. After a respectful period of time breaking down the series, the gents put their pig noses and ears on and started gorging on some puerile slop that dripped down into the hog trough from the Athletic's Shams Charania, Jason Lloyd, and Joe Vardon no less than 30 minutes after the Cavs were drummed out of the playoffs. 

The Cavs went through all the rumors around all the guys: Donovan Mitchell's dissatisfaction with his teammates, Darius Garland's purported need of a scenery change, Jarrett Allen's ribs, J.B.'s ineffectiveness, Mobley's desire not to be drafted by Cleveland, and most importantly whether Spida was inclined to sign a contract extension. The CtB boars wallowed into all the muck and mud and garbage and came to conclusions on L.B.J., J.B., D.M., both D.G.s, and J.A - some more concrete than others. It was a fun and cathartic 90 as the gents even got to pitching some cool Akron haunts, some Cinci legends, and a trip down vinyl lane. We think you'll find it to be an entertaining season coda with just enough delicious slop to keep coming back for more.

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