291: Cavilyear in Review

1h 27m | May 14, 2023

Our silent mourning for the 2023 Cavalier Season over, Nate Smith, Elijah Kim, and Chris Francis broke our vow and shuffled into the the podcast booth to break down this wild ride that was the Cavs' season. The guys look over the year everyone had and try to figure out who's going to stay, who's going to go, and who the Cavs should bring in. Who would fit well under the Cavs idiosyncratic coach? Who improved? Who didn't? What do the next few years look like. The erstwhile podcasters take stock of it all.

[Editor's note, this podcast was recorded last Wednesday night, but due to some technical issues wasn't able to post till today. Content, aside from some commentary on games in progress is all still very topical.]

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