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19 Nocturne Boulevard: The Shady Side of the Street

TFN Audio presents 19 Nocturne Boulevard's "The Shady Side of the Street." 19 NOCTURNE BOULEVARD is an anthology series spanning space, time, and genre.  Form the Wild West to the depths of Outer Space, from distant past to far flung future, any place and time is fair game.

"The Shady Side of the Street" features horror stories and adaptations from the 19 Nocturne Boulevard series.  Many of these tales are adapted from classic horror authors such as Lovecraft, Poe, Hodgson, and James.  

Julie Hoverson is the driving force behind 19 Nocturne Boulevard: unless otherwise noted, Julie has written, produced, casted, and designed the sound for all featured episodes.


The Fairy King (short)
Show Details9min 5s
The Wrong Bob
Show Details30min 21s
The Rookie
Show Details39min 43s
At The Sound of the Beep
Show Details30min 46s
A Stitch In Time
Show Details32min 7s
An Hour to Kill
Show Details30min 44s
A Stitch in Time
Show Details32min 7s
Drawer 23
Show Details38min 31s
Show Details38min 31s
Questions In a Dark Room
Show Details24min 13s
The Canterville Ghost
Show Details30min 20s
Exit Strategy
Show Details28min 32s
Where Are You Now?
Show Details27min 51s
Crumping the Devil
Show Details37min 1s
When Yellow Casts A Crimson Shadow
Show Details31min
For Art's Sake
Show Details29min 59s
The Thrice Tolled Bell
Show Details34min 42s
Making Book
Show Details30min 1s