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Sessions Understand

Sessions Understand is a podcast about reflection of books, podcasts, and social media. The overall spectrum of topics will be talked about in this podcast.


Philosophy of You: Death
Show Details6min 13s
Philosophy of You: Liveth
Show Details11min 38s
Philosophy of You: Birth
Show Details5min 19s
Rizal: A Reformist and A Revolutionary
Show Details17min 20s
Remembering the Past vs Only the Lessons of the Past
Show Details4min 20s
Understanding the Uncontrollable
Show Details3min 51s
The Beauty of a Blank Canvas
Show Details4min 55s
The Misconception of Being Alone
Show Details4min 43s
The Relativity of Happiness
Show Details3min 50s
Unreliable Memory
Show Details3min 36s
Reality of Dreams
Show Details2min 52s
A Child's POV, have we lost it?
Show Details3min 54s
Why are we imperfect?
Show Details3min 43s
Chill, but stressed
Show Details5min 12s
Intro - What is my meaning in life?
Show Details4min 47s